Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ten Projects...One Can of Chalk Paint®!

Just over a month ago I purchased my first quart of Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan.  As much as I wanted to jump in with both feet and order a quart of each of the colors I had been admiring, I just didn't have the funds in my paint budget to allow it!  After a whole lot of perusing Chalk Paint® related blog posts and scouring photos on Pinterest, I decided to start with a quart of Old White, 2 sample pots, one of Duck Egg Blue and one of Paris Grey and a can of both the clear and dark waxes. 
Every Chalk Paint® "review" I had read stated that this one quart of paint would cover a whole slew of projects, but exactly how many projects constitutes a whole slew?  That's what I wanted to know!  Now, having scraped the bottom of my quart of Old White, each of the sample pots and the clear wax, I am prepared to show you just how many projects my first can of chalk paint made over!

This lovely frame received 2 coats of a mixture of Duck Egg and Old White followed by clear and dark waxes.

A 24" x 36" antique mirror was made over with two coats of Old White and waxed with both clear and dark waxes.

The dark red bottom half of this vintage style milking stool was completely covered with just two coats of Duck Egg Blue.  I honestly think that it would have taken 4 coats of latex paint to do away with that red.  I painted the seat with Old White, distressed it and waxed the whole piece with clear wax only.

My antique vanity/cabinet was first painted with one coat of Old White, followed by a Duck Egg Blue/Old White mixture and sealed with both clear and dark waxes.

Prior to purchasing my chalk paint, I had applied a coat of creamy white latex paint to this end table.  Just one coat of my Old White/Paris Grey mix completed the job.  I then applied both clear and dark waxes.

My over sized oak dresser (now mantle!) mirror was complete after 2 coats of Paris Grey, followed by clear and dark waxes.

Both chair and table shown here were previously painted white and therefore only needed the one coat of Paris Grey mixed with a bit of Old White and followed with clear and dark wax.

This is another little piece that was given a coat of creamy white latex paint before it's makeover in Duck Egg Blue with clear and dark wax.

And this is where I started scraping the bottom of those cans!  The desk portion was completed.  It had received two coats of Old White, clear and dark wax all over and multiple coats of clear wax on the desk top.  I had just about finished the first coat of paint on the hutch top when the well ran dry!  I have a whole lot of the dark wax left, even though I've used it on almost all of these projects, plus several more!

I have written this post for myself just as much as I've written it for you.  I really wanted a visual of how far my initial Chalk Paint® investment had taken me.  Honestly, I feel it was well worth the money.  If you've used Annie Sloan's products, you know how wonderful they are to work with, regardless of how far the paint goes.  I am happy with the number of projects I completed with my first can of paint, but I am thrilled with the quality of finishes I was able to achieve.  If you've been on the fence about whether or not to try Annie Sloan's products, I hope I've encouraged you to go for it! 
Thank you so much for your sweet visit!  I had a fabulous time out junking with Denise of Pink Postcard today and can't wait to share my finds with you all very soon! 
Have a wonderful weekend, my Friends!

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