Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Paint a Scalloped Design...So Lovely and So Easy to Do!

There is something very charming and whimsical about a scalloped design on a piece of furniture.  From Cottage Chic to Rustic Farmhouse, it lends itself to so many of my favorite decorating styles

The wood trim at the bottom of these bedside tables had a lovely scalloped design that I decided needed to be featured when I painted them.

So as not to detract from the beautiful hardware, I chose to keep the design somewhat subtle and
simple....just a mirrored image of the original scallop painted on the two bottom drawers brought out the charming detail of these pieces.   

The lovely green is Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan in Versailles and the scallops were done in a 50/50 mixture of Paloma and Old White.
  I finished it off with Annie's clear wax and a fair amount of her dark rustic wax to give these pieces a charming time-worn look.
Just before waxing, I distressed some of the edges where natural wear might occur with my fine-grit sanding sponge.
Can't you just smell the heavenly fragrance of these pretty lilacs?  They came a little earlier this year...a pleasant and unexpected surprise!
 The technique I used to recreate the scallop design with paint is so simple that I hesitate to even call it a technique!  You may remember that I used this idea once before...
In this post I briefly described my method for painting the scallop but this time around I took step by step photos for you so that you can see for yourself just how simple it is to do!
1.  Lay your furniture furniture face down on a piece of craft paper, or if it's too large to do this, tape the paper up behind the decorative edge you wish to recreate.
2.  Trace the design with a pencil.
3.  Cut out the design...don't worry about perfection, especially if you plan to distress later and are going for a hand-painted look!
4.  Tape the cut-out design  onto your painted furniture piece with painter's tape.  I used a ruler to make sure my design was going to go on straight.
5.  Using a small paint brush, brush your contrasting paint color on, starting on top of your craft paper cut out and brushing up towards the top of the drawer.  Do this across the whole design.
6.  Remove the craft paper stencil and admire your handiwork!
Side note:  Of course a scalloped design would be lovely on a simple piece of furniture as well!  Look around your home for a scalloped edge to trace.  I have also traced the edge of a plate to create a scallop stencil!  Be creative and have fun!
Speaking of handiwork, these pretty little made over bedside tables never would have come to be if it hadn't been for the help of a very talented and handy friend of mine.  You see, when I bought these tables off of Craigslist some time ago, they looked as though some He Man had pryed them away from the vanity mirror that once held them together with his bare hands!  I wish I could have seen the vanity intact.  I probably would not have chosen to take it apart unless it was just damaged beyond repair (I do love these as side tables however, and so am not complaining)!  Anyhow, I knew this was a project that I couldn't tackle alone.  I am pretty good with wood putty and filler but these little tables were beyond all of that.  So, my sweet and talented friend and I did a little swap of services.  I painted a cute little wall shelf for her, and she worked her magic attaching trim, and filling in holes as needed on these tables for me.  She did an impeccable job!  They turned out better than I could have imagined!  Thank you SO much for your help, Angela!!!
And thank you for your sweet visit today!  I hope you are having a wonderful week!
Best Wishes and Blessings,
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Found Treasures and Ever Changing Decor...

This weekend my mom and I enjoyed a lovely Sunday afternoon shopping our favorite antique stores!  I had no problem at all finding a few treasures to spend my newly acquired birthday money on!  I've had my eye on these gorgeous paper Paris Souvenir pendants.  I shared this photo on my Facebook page earlier in the week. These will be made into for myself and a couple more to share!

I fell in love with this framed sheet music cover page from 1919.  Such a sweet image with beautiful has a new home in my little creative space.

Last but not least, this pretty little painting of yellow roses and a wonderfully weathered old door.  I was drawn to the painting and knew I had to have it for our front room where we have a chaise lounge slip-covered in a soft yellow rose fabric.  I knew the painting was much too small for the bare wall I wanted it for and I had been thinking that I wanted a door there.  My mom spotted this one and convinced me that the color and patina was just right.  Here is a look back at changes this cozy little corner has been through.

Last spring I shared the beginnings of the front room makeover.  I brought home this cushy chaise lounge, purchased from a friend and I painted the pretty ornate frame that hangs above in Versailles Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan.

When I started putting together my creative space on the opposite side of the room, I stole the frame for another project, my inspiration board.  Other priorities superseded decorating this little corner of the room, and for months the wall was bare.


Earlier this year, I painted a shabby pink door.  Although I did love the idea of a door on this wall, this one was just too small, and not quite the look I wanted for this space.  It went to the shop and then home with a happy customer.

Which brings us to today... A new-to-me, old, weathered lovely door.  What a fabulous birthday gift!  On this day it showcases a pretty oil painting of yellow roses.  I imagine that I will have fun changing up the look from time to time.  An old English porcelain house number would be charming, and perhaps a dried lavender wreath!  
Oh the possibilities!

Today I pray that you are happy, full of peace and feeling blessed.  
Thank you so much for visiting me.

Best Wishes and Blessings,

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Back Home, Incredibly Inspired and Ready to Paint!

Hello, hello!  Well, I am home... although still unpacking and recovering from a whirlwind of an adventure to New Orleans for a week of inspiration and fun with Annie Sloan and a great group of talented ladies!  If you follow me on Instagram, you saw glimpses here and there of my trip.  I wish I would have had a chance to take more photos to share but our days were completely filled to the brim with busyness and I think my brain was too overloaded with ideas and information to remember to snap those pics!
Of course I was so inspired on this trip that when I got home I couldn't wait to grab my paint brush and get to work!  Yes, my suitcase is still on the bedroom floor (though nearly empty now) but you can see where my priorities lie.. I have a sweet little table to share with you today!
 What started out as a fairly simple, petite 1940's end table with a bit of an Art Deco look now has real Parisian flair! 
I started with a 50/50 mix of Old White and Paris Grey in Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan.  The drawer front was painted in straight up Paris grey.  The stenciled flourishes are done in Antoinette as is the carved detail on the bottom of the drawer.  The entire piece was completed with both clear and dark wax.
A peek inside the drawer shows a pop of pink to coordinate with the stenciled details.
This whimsical candelabra seemed the perfect accessory for the table, it's curves reflective of stencil design.  It is headed to the shop this week along with a delightful array of other treasures!  I will be posting a few peeks periodically on Facebook
Thank you so very much for your sweet visit today!  I hope you are having a lovely week!
Best Wishes and Blessings,
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