Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ruffled Christmas Tree Pillow Tutorial

I am so happy to see that ruffles are still in vogue!  They seem to be everywhere in fashion, home and seasonal decor this year and I just love the soft, easy, romantic feeling they evoke!  I had an idea for a throw pillow with an appliqued ruffled tree that I couldn't wait to try.  I think it turned out pretty cute and it could easily be customized to suit a variety of decorating styles.
I started by tearing a strip of natural colored muslin, approx 2 inches wide, and 2 yards long. A small rectangle of burlap will serve as the trunk of the tree, 2" x 1.5."
There are many different methods for creating ruffles.  I was going for quick and easy, so I just fed my length of muslin through my sewing machine, sewing down the center and gathering the fabric with my fingers with each stitch.  You could buy pre-made ruffle trim at the fabric store, and if you're not into sewing, you could even hot glue the ruffles onto a store bought pillow!
If you're making your own pillow cover, you'll want to cut two pieces of fabric the appropriate size to cover the pillow form you're using.  Be sure to leave room for a seam allowance.  I used canvas drop cloth here and folded the front panel with the corners together, finger pressing the center.  This way, when I opened it up to apply the ruffles, I had the center marked for lining everything up evenly.
Next, I cut 5 lengths from my muslin ruffle:
1.  12 inches
2.  10 inches
3.  8 inches
4.  4 inches
5.  1.5 inches
I also cut a 12 inch piece of vintage lace to act as the tree skirt.  I pinned the ruffles, lace and burlap into place to form the tree, using that center fold line in the canvas as a guide.  I then took the panel to the sewing machine and sewed down the center of each ruffle (right over the stitching I'd done to create the ruffle).  I stitched around the edge of the burlap piece to create the trunk.  At this point I think it would be fun to play with some trim...adding buttons or beads as "ornaments."  I started to add some pearly buttons to mine but decided I really liked it as is.  A burlap star on top would be cute too!  So many possibilities!
Once I had the the tree just how I wanted it, I pinned my pillow form, right sides together and sewed around the edges, leaving a section of the bottom open.  I then turned the cover right side out, inserted my pillow form and stitched up the bottom by hand.
This festive little pillow was so fast, fun and easy to make!  I hope my instructions were clear enough to help you make your own if you so desire.  Please let me know if you have any questions!  I am happy to help!

I hope you're having a wonderful day!  

Take care!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sweet Little Tea Time Table

Over the weekend I put a couple of coats of my favorite creamy paint on this darling little side table and got it ready to add to my space at the shop.  It's a nice size and would be so lovely to sit next to with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and a favorite magazine.  Sounds like a good way to relax after Thanksgiving dinner, if you ask me!
The tea set and other silver serving pieces were estate sale finds from last week!  I picked up some other fun things too that I'll be sharing with you soon!  These pieces were quite tarnished.  It's always exciting to me to bring home old silver pieces and polish them up to shine and sparkle.
This Bavarian tea cup trio went to the shop along with the table and silver set.
These silver napkin rings would be an elegant addition to a Thanksgiving table!
Funny that I'm always drawn to gravy boats...I really don't care for gravy!  My own boats have held more syrup over the years than they have gravy!
These little German Christmas tree candle clips are so fun.  I've been holding onto them thinking that there must be a clever craft I could use them for.  Have you seen these used in any way other than their intended purpose?  I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!  Candles on the tree would be absolutely romantic, but with two little boys, two cats and a dog...I don't think flames on our Christmas tree would be a very smart idea.
Thank you so much for your sweet visit today!  I hope you have an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by people you love!

Best Wishes and Blessings,

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cooler Weather Crafting Frenzy!!!

Hello, Hello!  Something about this cold weather has put me in such a crafty mood!  Last Friday I did a quick post before cleaning up the crafting mess I'd made in order to get ready for a baby shower.  Amazingly, the house was presentable for party time...I even had the food prepared and managed to be dressed with make-up and hair done before guests arrived!  I must thank my sweet husband for coming home from work a bit early, and my mom for taking the boys off my hands that afternoon.  I couldn't have done it without them!  And the party was a blast!  Next day, the crafty mess returned!  Haha!  For several days now, I have been making things for my space at the shop and while I haven't found a spare moment to post about them, I've been sure to take lots of photos...and now, finally I am sitting down to put them all together to share with you!
I have been collecting these little vintage metal frames for literally years with the idea of painting them cream and decorating a Christmas tree with them!  One project at least 3 years in the making...DONE!
I picked up these blown glass hearts while out thrifting.  They were one of those emotional purchases as we had the same ones on our tree when I was little!  My husband suggested the twine hangers and I am loving the contrast!  Good call, Honey!
I also put together a few more jars and shakers filled with dried roses and hydrangeas.
I found this unusual basket while out thrifting one day.  It was the perfect vessel for these great aqua hydrangeas.  It went to the shop last week and sold within just a few days.
Sweet little gold shoes...These sold so quickly!  I hated to see them go but I'm sure they are being enjoyed in their new home!
This cute little decorative birdcage was another thrifting find.  I painted it cream and added the greens, nest and real blown eggs.  What a fun centerpiece for a bird themed table setting or a great addition to a nature inspired mantle!
I put some of that bling I pulled off of the retro cross to good use making these satin rosette pins and hair clips!  These have been such fun to make and I couldn't wait to display them at the shop and see if others love them as much as I do!
I may have went a little overboard with the satin rosettes!  Vintage book bundle...
and a pretty little vanity jar.
I finally got started on a wall treatment in my shop space that I have been dreaming about for months now!  I only have one wall done so far, but I think I am pretty pleased with how it turned out!  A patchwork of scrapbook pages applied with scotch tape...somewhat more dramatic than the lace I have had on the walls since I first moved into my new space!  What do you think?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you so much for your sweet visit!  I look forward to joining in on my favorite end of the week blog parties and seeing what all of my buddies out there have been up to this week!  Take care and stay warm!

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Camas Antiques Holiday Open House!

This week has been hectic, crazy busy, and so much fun!  I've been planning a baby shower for this evening, all while putting together goodies for the Holiday open house at Camas Antiques (starts today!)  I volunteered in my son's kindergarten class yesterday and did a career day presentation on being an Antiques Dealer (little guy's idea...too cute!)  I just haven't had a spare moment to write any posts, but I have been taking lots of photos of all of my little projects and plan to share them soon!  Now, it looks like a Christmas Elf threw up all over my house and I have to get it in gear for this party tonight!  So...wish me luck!  I'll leave you with a photo of a corner of my shop space as I left it last night...
Tomorrow morning, after all of the dishes are put away from tonight's shindig, I look forward to sitting down with a cup of coffee and making the rounds to visit all of my dear blog friends!  I'm sorry I don't have time today...I'm off to go scrub some floors...just call me Cinderella!

Best Wishes and Blessings,

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vintage Costume Jewelry Rescue

Hello friends!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  I couldn't wait to share my most recent estate sale find with you!  I'm sure that the folks watching me walk away from the sale with this thing tucked under my arm must have thought I had some kind of retro/eclectic style going on!
Although I completely respect the idea of bejeweling a lighted cross, and I commend the time, thought and effort put into this crafty project, I couldn't wait to dismantle it!   And I thank the clever crafter who put it together for using her trusty hot glue gun and not some kind of permanent epoxy!

Yes, all of these lovely vintage blingy blings came off of that blessed cross!
 One of my favorite pieces is this rhinestone studded crown...which fits perfectly on this little prince's head. 
I also adore this little gold basket filled with pearl "eggs."
Lovely purple rhinestones!
Pink and amber!
Royal blue, emerald green and aqua!  It took some time and work to pull these pieces away from where they had probably been stuck for the last 40 years...but it was so worth the effort!  And although I am having great fun just sorting through and looking at my new little treasures, I do have big plans for using them in some future projects!  In fact, I've gathered some great inspiration from Pinterest!

Seaside Rose Garden Gallery

Fun stuff!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Best Wishes and Blessings,

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