Thursday, October 11, 2018

Ikea Hack! Chic Desktop Storage - Video Tutorial

If you're like me, you navigate the never-ending aisles of Ikea looking for useful items that you can completely customize and make your own!  Also, if you're like have oodles of craft supplies, crafting tools, jars of glitter and random bits scattered everywhere.  And if you're like me, you gravitate towards organizers, things with little compartments and little drawers that might help you keep those odds and ends in one place.  (I said might...that doesn't mean it always happens that way, but hey!...our intentions are good.)

This raw wood 6 drawer desktop organizer came home with me from a recent, random trip to Ikea and I couldn't wait to transform it and fill it up with all of my crafty treasures!  I hope you enjoy this tutorial.  Keep in mind that these techniques and products would look beautiful on a myriad of furniture and accessory pieces!  And next time you're at Ikea, keep your eyes peeled for things that you can customize to reflect your own artistic style!

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