Saturday, June 1, 2013

Is it Worthy? How Do You Decide if a Piece of Furniture is Worthy of a Makeover?

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In previous posts I have shared a lot about what inspires me when I set out to paint and create.  Today I thought I would discuss what key things I look for when considering a makeover candidate.

Of course everyone is going to have different criteria when shopping for furniture and it will vary greatly depending on whether you are shopping for yourself or for your business.  I am going to discuss my own criteria for buying furniture to paint for my shop space.  I don't expect everyone to agree with me or feel the same as I do.  This is strictly my personal point of view, and what works for me based on my priorities and skill set.

First of all...Do I love it?  If I don't love it, I am not going to enjoy putting my time and effort into it.  I am in this business because I have a passion for it.  I invest a lot of myself into every piece I paint.  If I don't feel something for a piece of furniture, my attitude towards it is probably going to be reflected in the finished product.  It has been my experience that things I love and would put in my own home sell better than pieces I have purchased half-heartedly. 

Of course the price plays a big factor.  Can I afford it?  Will I be able to make a profit on it, after figuring in the expense of my supplies...paint, wax etc?  Is there going to be an added expense, such as new drawer pulls?
As I am not as skilled (yet, I am learning!) as other DIYers when it comes to furniture repair, I have to also ask the question; Is it sturdy and functional?  For now, I will leave those broken down, falling apart pieces to be salvaged by the talented, handy, tool-wielding folks I so admire and hope to one day be! 
Lastly, do I have room for it?  Will it fit in my car...and when I get home can I fit it into my limited storage space (that's right, hubby, I said limited ;)  Is it a good size/shape to figure into my shop display either now or at some point in the future?
Those are my main criteria.  What things do you consider when purchasing furniture?  Maybe you don't consider anything... Maybe you just see something you love and you buy it without a second thought...  Good for you!  I have probably missed out on some amazing buys because I spent too much time thinking about it!  :)
When I came across this little desk a few weeks ago, I went through my "is it worthy?" checklist in my head to be sure it wasn't a purchase I was going to regret.  It was in pretty rough shape, but all of it's problems were cosmetic.  It was sturdy and had nice lines.  The price was right and I was in love with the hardware!  As is the case with many similar pieces from this era, it had a laminate top (ugh, why?)  This might have turned me off in the past, but since I have had success in covering pieces with laminate tops with Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan, I knew I could make this one beautiful as well!
I painted the body of the desk and chair with Paloma.  The drawer fronts and detail on the chair were painted in a 50/50 mix of Paloma and Old White.  I waxed both pieces with clear wax, then added dark wax in the corners and around the edges.
The set fit perfectly into my shop space along with the Versailles cabinet I finished earlier this month.  I love that all of my favorite Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint colors are represented in my display!   
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