Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Treasure Hunt

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a lovely weekend.  Ours was busy, as usual but I managed to run in and out of one small estate sale down the road from us before my little guy's soccer game.  Although I didn't come away with a large haul of goods or even any furniture, what I did find I think is pretty special.  I enjoyed cleaning up my finds and arranging them for a few photos to share today!
The woman who had passed away was an incredible seamstress who also did beautiful needlework and crochet.  This unfinished needlepoint canvas kept catching my eye.  At the time I couldn't think of why I would buy it, but it was so lovely that I knew it just had to come home with me.
Of course once I got home, it hit me!  What a perfect display for a few pair of vintage earrings or a brooch or two!  So, I removed the guide threads and did a quick white wash on the wooden frame.  Voila!  I am so happy to have salvaged a piece of this woman's handiwork that might have otherwise been tossed away because it was "unfinished."
I also came home with the most metal and glass flower frogs that I have ever found in one place!  There are so many different styles and sizes, leading me to believe that this woman was also a great floral designer!  This little brass frog with it's black metal base is my favorite.  It was probably designed to fit inside of a skinny bud vase.  I love these for displaying old photos and cards.  I plan to share more of them later.
At another sale earlier in the week I found a few interesting pieces of vintage jewelry.  As jewelry is not necessarily my area of expertise, I stick to a set price point and buy what catches my eye.  I thought this pin was quite unique.
I loved the patina on this little old box.  The woman I bought it from said she figured it to be at least 80 years old.  I imagine it probably sat on a fireplace mantle filled with matches, but I could be wrong.  What do you think?
That brings us to my biggest and maybe best find of the weekend.  The wonderful seamstress and needlepoint crafter, had at some point had a custom dress form created for herself.  
Clearly she made a lot of her own clothing.  Her home had one whole room filled with fabric, another with all kinds of thread and trims.  I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to buy her vintage dress form!  It is now available for sale in my shop space at Camas Antiques.  I just know it will soon be going home with someone who will treasure it as a piece of art in their home or studio space! 
Coincidentally (or maybe not), I recently rented Lifetime's movie on Coco Chanel from Amazon.  It was very well done and so inspiring!  I loved the imagery and am fascinated by the story of Gabrielle Chanel.  I get a lot of inspiration from costume dramas.  I think that is evident in my shop space display right now, with the vanity, dress form and antique sewing machine.  I ran in and out of the shop so quickly yesterday that I didn't get a photo of it all together.  I will do my best to get one soon and will most likely post on Facebook, so please be sure to join me there.
Thank you for your sweet visit today!
Have a wonderful week!
Best Wishes and Blessings,
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