Thursday, July 31, 2014

If This Typewriter Could Speak...

My dear grandma just dropped off this wonderful old typewriter at my house last week.  Ironically, I already had the same Underwood model on display in my studio.  I had no idea that my grandma had one sitting out in her storage unit.  And up until a recent phone conversation, she had no idea I would have any interest in an old typewriter!

First she told me to do whatever I like with it.  She admitted that she was just happy to find it a home.  And then she told me that it had belonged to my Great Grandfather!
He used it everyday.  It sat on his desk in his office.  He was the Chief of Police in a small farming community.  I wish I had a photo of him in his uniform to share!

I suppose it's fortunate that this typewriter can't speak, given it's history.  I am however so pleased to have it, knowing that it belonged to my great great grandfather whom when I walked into the room used to say, "Why, bless my buttons!  It's Little Red Riding Hood!  She's come to see Grandma!"

As I am much too practical a person to have two typewriters sitting around the house, the Underwood that I purchased a couple of years ago from an estate sale is now headed to my booth at Camas Antiques.

Coincidentally, my paternal grandfather's first job was as a door-to-door salesman for the Underwood Typewriter Company!
Handsome guy, don't you think?
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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tips for Drying Roses

I love using dried roses in my Fall crafts and décor.
The actual process of drying them is a lot of fun too.  I have found that certain varieties of roses dry a little better than others.
I have the best luck with my Bonica grows in clusters of small pink blossoms.  I pick the buds that have not yet fully opened.
Picking them early in the morning is best, and after a couple of sunny, dry days so that there is no moisture trapped between the petals.
I like to bundle my perfect little pink buds into pretty bouquets and hang them where I can enjoy them as they dry.  Finding a dry spot, out of direct sunlight is important.  Within a couple of weeks, I have sweet little dark burgundy rose buds that will last and last!
How about you?  Do you dry roses from your garden?  Do you dry any other varieties of flowers?
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