Saturday, January 12, 2019

Hutch Confession

I had every intention of painting this hutch to sell. It was intended for my Christmas display at Camas Antiques. At least, that's what I told myself. But deep down in my soul, I am pretty sure I always knew I was painting it to keep.

I discovered it at a church rummage sale. It stopped me in my tracks. I quickly let the grandma worker bees know that I was purchasing hesitation.  They were annoyed that I was dismantling their display so early in the day. Alas, they would have to find another place to show off the teacups they had for sale.

I took my time on this one. The back paneling was removed and painted in Annie Sloan's Coco Chalk Paint® followed by a stencil design in a mixture of Old White, Antoinette and Scandinavian Pink. The stencil is the Lotus Paradise Floral Design from Royal Design Studios.  I absolutely love this stencil design. It might just pop up on a wall in our home one day!

The entire hutch was painted in Annie Sloan's Old White, lightly distressed and sealed in Annie's Clear wax, then carefully accented in both Dark and Black wax. During the process, I shared my trick for painting around all of those pesky glass panels along with some waxing tips in videos on IGTV. 
You can view those videos here.

I nearly cried when it was time to load this beauty into my truck and haul it to the store. I don't usually become attached to pieces of furniture...I really don't! I just couldn't bear to part with this one. Maybe it's because with every brush stroke I was subconsciously giving myself permission to keep it.

But I didn't have a backup plan for my display. There was no time to makeover another hutch to take it's place. My pink Christmas display came together beautifully and the hutch was my focal point, just as I had planned. I put a ridiculous price on it and prayed it wouldn't sell!

Two weeks later, with a smug grin on my face I waltzed into the store, loaded up my hutch and said Merry Christmas to me!

No guilt, no regret. It was meant to be.

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