Tuesday, May 22, 2018

A Collage From the Heart

I spent an evening last weekend putting together a little project that's been on my mind and my heart for several months now. This beautiful antique oval frame came complete with the original convex glass but no portrait or painting inside. It was a garage sale bargain at $10. I rarely find these frames with the curved glass intact and always thought how fun it would be to create a dimensional collage to display inside.

I had so much fun putting this together and it's a sentimental piece for sure. The boy in the photo is my grandpa and the skeleton keys are a part of his extensive collection which I inherited when he passed away. I featured them in a blog post 6 years ago here. Although I have enjoyed the keys in various vignettes around our house over the years, I am so happy to have my favorites displayed with grandpa's photo.

Being a bit of a ham, he would have gotten such a kick out this little project of mine.

Currently the collage is hanging in my studio.  The small cabinet is another recent addition and although it probably won't stay here, I am liking this little vignette, until something else comes along.  Of course I love the cabinet's style and the wood is actually quite beautiful, so I probably won't paint it but...it's a humidor!  The inside is actually lined in marble.  It's a sturdy piece and incredibly heavy, but it has a few condition issues that I haven't figured out how to fix quite yet.  So, I'll just enjoy it for a while longer!

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

A Little Princess Window Display

I so enjoyed putting together the May window display at Camas Antiques again!  Last year my theme was the Secret Garden.  This year I went with another Francis Hodgson Burnett classic, A Little Princess.

So, as you can see it was all about pale pink paint finishes, ruffles, frills and flowers!  The featured Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® mix - Old White with a dash of Scandinavian Pink!

Pretty dishes, of course!

A beautiful antique secretary in Paris Grey Chalk Paint® - Read more about this makeover project here.

Stacks and stacks of luscious bed linens!  Many have found new homes but there are still a few lovelies available!

Urns, tables, chairs, topiaries, dresses, glitter book stacks, concrete birdbaths and more...

It came together so beautifully.  But I can't take all the credit.  I had some wonderful helpers!

My 6 year old daughter punched out dozens of pink paper butterflies to glue to the tree branches donated from my in-law's farm.

My husband loaded and unloaded the heavier furniture and concrete pieces more times than he cares to remember!

And my sweet friend Deanna of The Dollhouse at Camas Antiques spent the day helping me haul loads of goodies from my house to the store.  She also helped me arrange and rearrange things throughout the day until everything fit just right!

Taking photos of a window display is tricky business.  The only way to get photos through the glass without the glare is to take them at night.  Unfortunately the lighting isn't ideal in the dark.

So, here we have a few photos taken during the day from inside the display!

The window has endured many changes since these photos were first taken, but the larger pieces are still there, even the bed which has sold.  Fresh merchandise has been added throughout the month.  Just 10 more days until everything changes!

These sweet bedside tables painted in a mix of Scandinavian Pink and Old White were a late addition to the display.  They have since sold and left the window.

I will be working on more projects to add to the display this week and hope to share the details with you here over the next few days!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Not my Grandma's Secretary

This is not my grandma's secretary. It looks A LOT like my grandma's secretary...the one she bought as an antique nearly 70 years ago and has probably been her most treasured possession ever since! I was nervous to show her that I had painted one just like hers. 

Guess what? She loved it! And trust me when I say that if my grandma thought that painting this piece was a mistake, she would not spare my feelings! I would hear about it! All done in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® ...  Paris Grey exterior, Country Grey interior, a little Old White accent, some light distressing followed by Annie's Clear and Dark Wax.  

Currently for sale in the window display at Camas Antiques! 

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