Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pink and Gold Chandelier and a Glammed up Pumpkin

Finding a chandelier at a good price to redo and sell in my booth is always a thrill!  Not only are chandeliers great sellers, but I love having the extra lighting in my booth!  This one is vintage and had a pretty unique finish to start off with.  I'm not going to bash the was funky cool, but not quite right for my aesthetic.  I first gave her a couple coats of Antoinette Chalk Paint®.

Now, I used to despise the color gold.  Everything was silver in my wardrobe and my home!  Anything gold that I came in contact with received a coat of paint...almost instantly!  Things change.  Now I loooove gold...especially that rich, soft, vintage gold!  I recently purchased a small jar of French Gold Gilding Wax from The Purple Pear in Portland.  Wow!  I am having fun using this wax to accent my painted pieces.  However I must admit that I have been spoiled by Annie Sloan and Artisan Enhancements products with their no odor, low VOC "green" properties!  I am so used to getting right into a paint project smack dab in the middle of my kitchen.  It didn't dawn on me that I would need some ventilation with this gilder's wax.  Lesson learned!  Next time, I'll be taking my project to the garage or patio when I get to the "gold" accents!  I added the gold to this chandelier with a small brush.  It went on beautifully and I love the combination of it with the soft pink!
 Originally the chandelier had a few amber glass baubles.  I must have removed them before I took the "before" photo.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to add some bling to this pretty piece, but I was in too much of a hurry to get her completed and hung in my booth to wait around for an order of chandelier crystals.  Thankfully a good friend and fellow dealer from Camas Antiques had some she was willing to part with.  Thank you, Mary!!!
 This isn't the first chandelier I have painted with Chalk Paint®.  Usually I finish them with Annie Sloan Wax, but this time I opted for another product.  Artisan Enhancements Clear Top Coat Sealer is a great product that works well with Chalk Paint® because it is a quality, no-VOC product.  It dries clear and with a matte finish which is just what I wanted for this piece, and all I had to do was brush it on!
Now I think she is perfect for any shabby chic/romantic home décor!  And so she's off to Camas Antiques where she is welcome to hang out in my booth for as long as she like!  I don't think I could get tired of her.
Last week I shared this pretty pumpkin on Facebook.  It started off as an inexpensive, foam pumpkin from Walmart.  I painted it with Pure White Chalk Paint®, pushed Artisan Enhancements Fine Stone through a stencil to create the raised design, and then accented it with the Gold Gilding Wax.  So far it's the only Fall decoration I have out in our house!  Time to get those boxes down from the attic and start decorating!
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