Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to Transfer Quotes onto Fabric Quickly and Easily!

I can't tell you how many people have asked me how I wrote the quotes on the painter's canvas drop cloth for the Jane Austen inspired window display.  I am afraid you won't be quite so impressed when you hear just how easy it is to do!  For me, the most difficult part was figuring the logistics of getting what I wanted, the size I needed, printed onto paper.  I am not a computer whiz.  I hope I can explain this clearly for you!

The font I used for my Jane Austen quotes was a free download from www.dafont.com.  I was so excited to find this font, based on Jane Austen's own handwriting!  I just love it!  There are so many fabulous fonts on this site.  A friend of mine who is a graphics designer turned me onto it and I have to admit that I have spent a little too much time perusing all of the great options.  Downloading fonts from this site to your computer can be a little tricky, unless you're technologically minded (not me!)  Look around the site though and you will find detailed instructions for your specific computer.  Of course you can also just use a font that you already have!

The program I used to type up my quotes is "Paint."  I think everyone has this program on their computer.  It seems to come standard, at least with PCs.  So, I typed up my Jane Austen quote, just the way I wanted it, in her hand written script in the "Paint" program.  I will describe the next few steps the way they looked with the version of "Paint" that I have.  If you have a different version, it may look a little different but I think you should still be able to find the right tabs to make it work.

1.  Click on the far left drop-down box (mine doesn't have a title, just an image that looks like a page of paper with lines on it).
2.  Go down to "Print" and move your mouse over to the right where another menu pops up with the options:  print, page setup, and print preview.  Choose "Page Setup."
3.  Select "Fit to" and enter the number of pages you want your quote to print on.  For example 3 and 2 will print your quote onto 6 pages.  You may have to play with this a bit before you get it just how you want it.
4.  After you select "okay," the window will go away.  You will then go back up to that drop down menu and select "print."  Make sure you print "all pages."  Keep in mind that some of your pages will probably be blank.  When you lay out your quote, you will see why!

I'd like to mention here that I once read about a website that does all of this work for you for free (if I understood it correctly).  I cannot seem to remember what the site was called or figure out where to find it, but if you know and would be kind enough to share it with me, I will post it here!

Once I had my quote printed the way I wanted, I had to cut some of the margins with my paper cutter in order line up the words just right.  I taped the pages together and then taped the whole quote up onto my giant light box (a.k.a. sliding glass door!) 

Next, I taped the drop cloth directly over top of the quote using masking tape.  It really helps to have an extra set of hands here if you're doing a larger transfer, and unless you have a huge picture window, you may have to do one half at a time, which is tricky.  I recommend keeping your quotes small enough to fit in your window, as I did in the photo above.  This will make your life much easier!  Now, as long as there is sufficient light shining through your window (this doesn't work in the evening or on a really dark, cloudy day...trust me, I tried!) you should be able to see the script through your drop cloth really well.  I used a black permanent marker to copy the quote and wrote it right there on my window.  I tested a few times to make sure the marker wasn't going to bleed through onto the glass, and it didn't.  I recommend you test it out as well with the fabric you're using.  I know you don't want permanent marker on your windows!  If you're nervous about it, or are using a lighter weight fabric, you can trace the words in pencil, take your fabric down and then go over it with your permanent marker on another surface (one that you don't mind marking up or that is lined with something to stop the bleed through).

There you have it!  I really enjoyed writing out these quotes and have some other fun ideas for using my big sliding glass door light box!  I hope you'll give it a try!  I'd love to see what you do with this project idea!  The possibilities are endless!

 Thank you for your sweet visit today!  I hope you are having a fabulous week!

Best Wishes and Blessings,

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  1. Amanda,
    Thank you for sharing.That cloth looks amazing.

  2. Amanda, have your ears been burning? I've been talking about you:) I also lifted two of your photos. Please don't beat me! I checked to see if you had rules/copyright info on your blog and I didn't see anything. So I hope it's OK:) I can remove, if you prefer.... THANKS so much for sharing how you made the quote wall hanging!


  3. Hi Amanda,
    I love this idea! Any quote of Jane Austen's is a hit with me. Thank you for sharing your step by step directions. Love your vase of lilacs too; gorgeous! Enjoy your day.


  4. What a fantastic idea to transfer quotes onto fabric. Definitely going to use this! Love your display!

  5. Wow! I'm very impressed. I love that it was done on drop cloth with a sharpie on your window. I would have never guessed! ~ Jamie

  6. Amanda! What a smart idea! I would like to make chair covers that have writing but could not figure out how to do it! Your Jane Austin backdrop is gorgeous... it has such an ethereal look!
    Thanks so much! Great blog!!!!

  7. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing all the details of how you did it. CJ

  8. That turned out great Amanda , love the look!


  9. soooooo clever!!! I love it!

  10. you clever girl! i just love this idea--thanks for sharing with us:)

  11. This looks amazing! Your pictures really has that ethereal quality and I'm loving it!I love everything Jane Austen and I'm so glad you stopped by so I could find you:) I like your clever step by step tutorial, thanks for sharing this and your sweetest note!Have a wonderful day!hugs,Poppy

  12. Wow, love your idea! Very unique. Visiting from The Charm of Home.

  13. This is so cool, Amanda! And easy! Thanks for the great tutorial! :)

    xoxo laurie

  14. Thanks for the info! It's great to learn another way to do word or image transfers.

  15. Very nice. Thanks for taking the time to detail it out. It looks beautiful. I found you through At The Picket Fence's link party. Hope you'll stop by and visit me as well!


  16. Wow, I'm impressed and what a wonderful teacher you are! Step by step written for someone computer challenged like me!
    Gayle from Behind the Gate

  17. This is amazing! You are a great teacher....
    stopping by from Common Ground.
    Thank you for sharing. Ciao Rita

  18. Thanks for sharing this wonderful trick. I must try it soon.

  19. Thanks for the lesson, and love the cloth.

  20. dear amanda,

    that is so charming! i love the finished product, but, even more, your creativity in using everyday objects to create beauty. and a font styled like jane austen's handwriting? how romantic is that? i love it. it's as if she wrote the words for you personally.


  21. This is stunning. Thanks so much for the tutorial on how you created it. I love the look of writing on a plain old drop cloth and this gave me so much inspiration.

  22. This is so nice and thanks for the tutorial... enjoyed it very much.

  23. That turned out great, and what an awesome way to do it. I have a *light box* just like yours!


  24. great idea. I am sure I will be trying it soon. Thanks for the great tutorial.
    Blessings, Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  25. Girl, you never cease to amaze me with your creativity and talent!! thanks for always coming to the party!!

  26. Was the site you are looking for blockposters.com? It takes your image and blows it up. works great!

  27. Very informative tutorial... I will have to try this one day!

  28. Love this idea! I'm a new follower! :)


  29. I think the site you were talking about is blockposters.com. It's pretty awesome. Hope that helps.

  30. Found you via pinterest. This is gorgeous!

  31. managed to transfer first princess, second etc on pageant sashes this way by using a gold glitter pen. really helps when funds are extremely low at the public schools. thank you very much

  32. Hi! Thanks for the great idea! (Loved the window light box option). Here are some sites for splitting images just the way you need them for multiple pages

  33. It's hard to believe that a person that can set up such a wonderful blog, header, etc. could be computer challenged. I'm definitely digitally challenged. Duh! No lol either, I get so exasperated with myself. I have pc knowledge envy.
    Thanks so much for the exceptional tutorial on how to transfer quotes onto fabric. I saved it and will be printing it out after payday when I can get some more cartridges, stupid how expensive some blasted ink can be. I'm very glad I found your blog thru Furniture Feature Friday. Love finding new blogs I know will keep my interest and continue to inspire me.
    Happy weekend

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  36. Thank you I have struggled with downloading fonts I never knew you could get it to print over 6 pages ! Can't wait to try and I will get some help if I get stuck cos I soooo love this thank you , bless you for your time to share x

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  38. I just want to throw this out there (because this is such a great idea); you don't have to worry about permanent marker bleed through on glass. It is super easy to get off of glass and mirrors. A little windex works beautifully. I know because I like to write inspiring messages on my mirrors.

  39. I had guidance last nite....brilliant

  40. I had guidance last nite....brilliant


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