Monday, October 11, 2010

What a Difference a Frame Makes!

Just a quick post to share one of those "meant to be" pairings.  I picked up this adorable print a couple of months ago at a thrift store.  It's titled "Suspense" and is by Charles Burton Barber, painted sometime between 1845 and 1894. 

As I am sure you've already guessed, I love the little victorian girls especially when they are surrounded by cute little furry or feathery creatures!  Unfortunately this sweet print was in a very outdated oak frame and surrounded by an army green and burnt orange matting (so not my colors).  Typically a few coats of cream paint will update a frame enough for me to call it re-styled and sweetened up, but this little girl was just begging for something more elegant!  One of my purchases last week was an empty frame...I bought because I liked the style and the color and the price was just right-on!  I had no idea it would fit this sweet print I had been holding onto...but it did!  Unfortunately it didn't come with glass in it (part of why the price was so nice)...and it was a smaller size than the frame the print was in originally, so I couldn't steal that piece of glass.  I poked around the garage a bit and just happened across THE perfect piece of picture frame glass (rescued from the recycling pile...just in the nick of time!)  Get ready, wait for it...

"Before"  Blah!

 "After!"  Tada!
What do you think?  Quite the difference, huh?  She went from tired old 80's victorian to 2010 Romantic Chic in a matter of minutes!  I love it when things come together so perfectly!