Thursday, February 24, 2011

Little French Nest

Once upon a time, there was a beautifully delicate mother bird.
As she anxiously awaited the arrival of her little ones, she feathered her nest
as any good mother would do.

While the other little mothers were gathering twigs and leaves, this petite mademoiselle scoured the flea markets of Paris.  She sought out little gems and trinkets to create a place of warmth and whimsy for herself and her 3 perfectly elegant eggs.

Every day she gracefully travelled through the clouds with bits of vintage lace, bobbins of pretty pink thread, glitzy rhinestones, strands of pearls, and fancy French perfume labels.  Dropped and discarded treasures left on the market floor...if it fit in her delicate beak or carefully manicured talons, she scooped it up and carried it away.

It wasn't long before her nest was a charming, elegant  reflection of herself and her love for all things fancy and French.  She ruffled her silky feathered wings and nestled down on her eggs to enjoy the beauty that surrounded her and to dream dreams of sweet times to come
La Fin (The End)

As I created this whimsical and frilly little nest for spring, I couldn't help but daydream about a fanciful French bird who would feather such a nest for herself!  I hope you enjoyed daydreaming with me!  I am planning on putting together several of these nests for the shop very soon!  Just add it to my long list of fun projects I hope to get to between cooking meals, folding laundry, mopping floors and running errands!

Tonight I am kicking back and taking a break from it all!  The dinner dishes are done, the little guys are in bed and Netflix delivered...

Have you seen it?  I hear it's fascinating!  Audrey Tatou is so adorable and such a fabulous actress.

I guess you could say I'm in a French mood today...did you pick up on a common theme?  And to top it all off...

French Salted Caramel Ice Cream!

Ooooh La La!

I hope you have a wonderful evening!  Bonne nuit!  By the way, that little French perfume label is a free printable from The Graphics Fairy!  She has a marvelous collection of French Ephemera that she shares on her blog...absolutely free!  Okay, I am off to enjoy my French film and ice cream!  Thank you so much for your sweet visit dear blog friends!

Best Wishes and Blessings,

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