Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blessings Abound...A Great Start to the Month of March!

I ran into the antique shop today with my doll beds and a few other items I'd worked on over the past several days.  I spent some time arranging my display just so...and felt good about it as I walked away.  When I stopped by the counter to see how I did in sales last month, I was bummed.  Apparently February was a bleak month for a lot of folks in the antiques business, myself included.  I left feeling a bit discouraged but headed off to my favorite thrift shop in hopes of finding a few treasures...determined to turn my day around.

As I walked slowly through the store, I took everything in visually, trying to imagine the potential in cast-off pieces of furniture and home decor.  I picked up a few children's books, baskets and other smalls then made my way to the counter...satisfied, but not overjoyed with my finds.  As I walked to the register, I glanced in the glass case.  There, on the bottom shelf tucked behind a crystal water pitcher and an old camera was a lovely old curvy piece of pastel pottery.  I knew it at first sight...a 1940's Hull vase in the Wildflower pattern!  It was the perfect piece to add to my small collection.  It did have a chip on the rim, and was covered in a layer of ancient dirt but at $10 it was coming home with me and suddenly my day was looking much brighter!

Isn't she pretty?
I shared my corner cabinet and pottery collection with you not long ago, but since I had to do some re-arranging today to find the perfect spot for my new treasure, I thought we could do a brief revisit!  I am anxious to get my "spring" box down from the attic and do some real decorating for Easter, but for now I thought I would add a few small things I had on hand...just for fun!

I've discovered some charming Easter scrapbooking paper and look at how sweet it is in this pink frame?  The colors compliment the pottery and the bunnies add a touch of spring and whimsy to the collection.

I am fortunate enough to have both a mother and mother-in-law who raises chickens.  We are never in short supply of pretty green eggs at our house!
Not long after I came home I had a call from the antique store.  The sweet gal that had been working today and witnessed my discouraged look when I discovered how pathetic my sales had been, called in hopes of brightening my day with some good news.  One of my doll beds had sold along with a nightstand and several other items...just in the last couple of hours!  Wow!  Blessings!  I am no longer discouraged...things are definitely looking up!  Now I need to get busy and figure out how to fill in the new holes in my display!

Thank you so very much for your sweet visit!  Best Wishes and Blessings to You!

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