Friday, May 6, 2011

More Treasures and A Mother's Day Gift I Will Never Forget!

Yes, I brought home more treasures yesterday when I probably should have been cleaning up the ones that have been piling up in the garage!  But I could not miss the giant church rummage sale that I've been shopping twice annually for 5 years now!  A couple of dear friends and I met up early and shivered together outside of the church as we waited for the doors to open.  It was a very fun morning!  The tea set, doilies and wicker case in the photo here were some favorite finds from yesterday.  The chair, table and tote are on their way to the shop and the gorgeous pillow was an early Mother's Day gift from my littlest guy.  There's more to this story...
Remember when I drooled over these beautiful barkcloth pillows at Monticello when I went shopping with my mom for my birthday?  I have been thinking about them ever since!  My mom was at my house watching the little guys yesterday morning while I was out treasure hunting.  When I came home, my littlest guy came down the stairs with a big wrapped gift and a goofy grin on his face.  My mom said, "oh, you were supposed to save that for Mother's Day.  But if you want to give it to her early, you can."  He couldn't I opened an early Mother's Day gift.  One of the barkcloth pillows I had seen and photographed at Monticello!  I love it!!!!  My oldest little guy said "I have something for you too, but I'm saving it for Sunday!"  Just after my mom left, my littlest guy went back upstairs, and came down a few minutes later proudly presenting me with the second pillow!  Big brother fell apart.  The next few moments were a blur of tears.  My heart broke for him.  He was devastated.  I had to think fast.  Nothing I was saying seemed to console him.  He was so excited to surprise me on Mother's Day, and as far as he was concerned, the whole plan had been ruined.  I offered a role of gift wrap to re-wrap the pillow but he insisted it be the same pastel striped paper that grandma had supplied him with.  So, I helped him piece back together the shredded paper and re-wrap the gift.  We then hid it on a shelf in the linen closet, just out of reach of little brother and I promised to try as hard as I could to forget all about the gift!  He seemed to be convinced that this was possible...probably because he has observed and pointed out many times that my memory is not that great.  Something I will never forget is how important it was to him that this Mother's Day present be a surprise, proudly presented by himself with love.  Later that day, I was photographing for this post and worried about what he was thinking when he saw me with the pillow from little brother.  "Don't you wish you had another pillow just like that one?" he asked with a grin on his face.  I am certain he is convinced that the whole incident has slipped my memory.
I can't stop staring at my lovely new pillow.  Gosh, it would be nice to have another, one for each of my white slipcovered armchairs (wink! wink!)  The colors are so vibrant and beautiful and go just perfectly in our family room.  It is impeccably made too!  In fact, there was a little tag on the corner with a blog address!  Yes, Debbie of My Shabby roses, clearly a very talented seamstress among other things made the pillows and is a fellow blogger whom I had somehow not come across before.  Her blog is gorgeous!  I adore her style, and you can bet that I am a follower now!  I hope she'll read this story and be happy to know that the pillows she so lovingly made became Mother's Day gifts that this mom will treasure and enjoy forever!  Thank you, Debbie!  And thank you to my lovely mom for helping my little guys out with such a special present! 

Happy Mother's Day to all of my dear blog buddies out there!  I hope your Mother's Day weekend is sweet and memorable!  Thank you for stopping by to visit today!

Best Wishes and Blessings,

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