Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Playing Dress-Up With Vintage Whites!

Included in last weekend's estate sale finds were two sweet vintage cream and white straw hats.  Maggie is here with us this week and before she ran off to play in the dirt with the boys this morning, she pulled on a pair of white gloves, wrapped up in my grandma's old knit shawl and we played dress-up in the garden. 
I just love old hats...especially the kind I imagine ladies wearing to fanciful garden parties long long ago!
I also brought home this lovely little white cream and sugar.  I believe it's ironstone...I should know this, but I'm not quite sure!  It doesn't have any markings.  What are your thoughts?  And the little cream urn makes such a sweet vase for a fragrant bunch of white roses!  I was on the hunt for more metal flower frogs and thought I'd missed out as I saw someone leaving an estate sale  with their hands piled full of them.  One green 3 piece frog had been left behind just for me!  Hurray!
I brought home quite a few other treasures that I will look forward to sharing with you soon!  Most of them I am putting aside for my new space at the shop!  Yes, I will be moving next month, after over 5 years in my little room at the back of the store, I've decided it's time for a new location!  If you're a patron of Camas Antiques, starting next month you can find me on the right side of the aisle farthest to the left, near the front of the store.  I am really looking forward to setting up my new booth space!
Thank you for your sweet visit today!  Summer is finally here!  I hope you're enjoying every single minute of it!

Best Wishes and Blessings,

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