Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jumping on the AS Chalk Paint Bandwagon...Finally!

"Out for delivery" is the updated status on my UPS tracking number for my my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint order!  I can hardly wait to try out the furniture paint I have been reading about for months now!  I have several pieces cleaned, set out on drop cloths in the garage, all ready to go.  I've watched so many tutorials online and my husband even bought me a couple of Annie Sloan painting guide books for Christmas!  I am so ready to put my paint brush to work!  It took me days to decide which colors to order first.  The photos so many of you creative bloggers have shared with us all really helped me to make an informed decision!  It was wonderful to actually see a paint color on a piece of furniture...and not just a paint chip!  During my research process, I created a pinterest board of my favorite Chalk paint makeovers and noted the color combinations used for each.  You can find my board here, if you're interested.  I will share the colors I chose in a later post when I have some completed pieces to photograph!  Alrighty...I am going to go sit by the front window and watch anxiously for that big brown truck to pull up in my driveway!  (Not literally...I have two kids and whole lot of housework and projects awaiting...who has time to sit and look out the window?)  Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Best Wishes and Blessings,