Sunday, April 27, 2014

Painting With Abandon...My First Attempt at Canvas Art!

 I can honestly say that up until last week, I have never brushed paint onto an art canvas.  During the one college art course I took, we didn't attempt anything beyond pencil sketches, and my struggle with depth perception and proportion discouraged me from taking any other art classes, aside from photography.  I think it was around this time that I decided I was lacking the "artistic gene" necessary to create art without some sort of a guide to go by.  It has only been within the last few years that I picked up a paint brush and really got into creating finishes on furniture.  Before then, I was merely slapping several coats of white latex paint onto every dresser and chair I could find.  There was really no creative painting in my life before I was introduced to Annie Sloan and her wonderful Chalk Paint®!
Not only has Chalk Paint® changed how I paint furniture, but Annie Sloan herself has changed my perspective on art.  Her concept of "don't think, just paint," putting the rules aside and enjoying the creative experience without confinement or inhibitions, gives me such a thrill!  It was this concept, and Annie's attitude of art being organic, unplanned and free-flowing that gave me the courage to attempt painting an art canvas for the first time.  It was something I had been dying to try my hand at for years, but didn't think I had the ability to succeed at.  Last Saturday I took my 40% off coupon to Michaels and bought a 48" clean, white canvas.  I could not wait to get started.  That night, I laid out a drop cloth on the kitchen floor, brought all of my Chalk Paint® cans into the house and spent several hours blending colors, layering, dipping crumpled paper and string into paint and marveling at the different textures and patterns they produced.
I knew I wanted to paint a floral, so I studied painted flowers in other artwork for inspiration.  I also had an idea to create some texture in the blossoms by using Artisan Enhancements VP Antico.  I troweled it on in places, put my blow dryer to it to create some crackling and then painted the flowers on top.  Once the paint was all dry and I was happy with the scene I had created, I did a small amount of gold leafing...a patch near the top of the canvas and here and there on the leaves and petals to highlight. 
You are probably wondering why I chose to start with such a large canvas!  I probably should have attempted something smaller first, but I was a little desperate to fill a large void in our family room (and cover an in-wall speaker)!  I figured I might as well go for it!  After all, paint is very forgiving.  If I didn't care for it, I could easily paint over it when I felt inspired again, right?
As it turns out, I am pretty happy with it.  And, I had more fun creating this painting than I ever imagined I would!  In fact, I've already bought 4 more (smaller!) canvases and can't wait to explore some more ideas that have been buzzing around in my head!
Thank you, Annie for giving me the courage to paint with abandon!
And thank you, friends for your kind visit today! 
Now, forget the rules, let go of your inhibitions and create something wonderful!
Best Wishes and Blessings,
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