Thursday, January 22, 2015

Safe, Eco-friendly Artistic Finishes and Sealers

Several years ago, inspired by my favorite decorating books and DIY blogs, I decided I loved the look of hand painted furniture and wanted to give it a try. I soon discovered that as pleased as I was with the end result, I didn’t really enjoy the creative process. The products recommended to me at the paint store had strong chemical odors that left me with a burning sensation in my lungs that seemed to stay with me for hours even after having walked away from a project. I worked late at night while the kids were asleep because it was the only time I could escape to the garage. I did my work in the garage to keep from exposing my family to the harmful chemicals in the products I used. My creations had to spend a few days in the garage to “off-­gas” once they were completed, before coming into the house. Even then, I worried about my children playing around and eating off of these finishes created with products that were laden with ingredients known to cause potential health risks.

Imagine my excitement when I discovered Artisan Enhancements sustainable, eco-­friendly no VOC art finishes and sealers! These products have changed everything for me. I no longer have to worry that creating beautiful finishes on surfaces in my home, for my family or for resale are causing harm to the environment or people I love.

I just gave my little girl’s table and chair a makeover, which I will share the details of further down in this post. Being 2 and very stubborn she required the bribery of a lollipop to cooperate for this photo shoot. It didn’t occur to me that the lollipop would go from the table to her mouth and back again during the course of her little tea party, but it did. Watching her play, it was so comforting to know that she wasn’t ingesting any harmful chemicals from the finish on the table that I had recently created.

The fact that I can create right in the middle of my home, on the kitchen island no less, has really changed my life. I am no longer stuck out in the cold, uncomfortable garage alone, in the middle of the night to do my work. With a busy toddler at my side most hours of pretty much everyday, it is absolutely essential that I am able to work where I can be near her. I couldn't do it if I thought I was exposing her to any harmful odors in the process.

This busy toddler has a birthday coming up. We have decided to start working on her “big girl” room for this particular birthday, so I have several painting projects underway. Her little chair and drop-­leaf table were painted in Pure White and a custom mix of Antoinette and Old White.

I added a bit of detail to the table with a beautiful scrolly stencil by Artisan Enhancements.

Artisan Enhancements Scumble product is a tintable glaze medium. I recently learned that when mixed with Pearl Plaster, it creates an iridescent pearlized glaze! I used a mix of 2 parts Scumble to 1 part Pearl Plaster.

I just love the effect of the pearl glaze, especially over these pretty pastel colors. Artisan Enhancements’ 45mm Topcoat brush works well not only for sealing your finish, but for applying a smooth coat of glaze as well.

Clear Finish, an all natural, no VOC, water resistant varnish is ideal for sealing shinier finishes. Both Artisan Enhancements sealers, Clear Finish and Clear Topcoat Sealer are perfect for sealing those projects that will be used by and/or around children. Baby cribs, high chairs, and other surfaces that small children come in contact with should be sealed with a product free of harmful chemicals. Artisan Enhancements sealers are not only VOC free and sustainable but easy to use and very durable as well.

I love being able to create beautiful finishes in the comfort of my own home. I couldn’t do so if I thought I was exposing my family or the environment to harmful chemicals in the process. I am so thankful to have access to products that make it possible for me to do what I love to do and be present for my family at the same time! 

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Disclosure: This is an Artisan Enhancements sponsored post, however the opinions and ideas expressed here are mine and I will only ever promote products that I enjoy using and feel may benefit my readers.

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