Saturday, December 17, 2016

Peggy Del Rosario's Lovely Painted Home

For some time now, friends from my antique business world have been telling me how much I would love faux finish artist, Peggy del Rosario's home.  Knowing my affinity for old world paint finishes and vintage and antique decor, they encouraged me to visit if I ever I had the opportunity.

I had that opportunity this week!  The experience was one that I will not soon forget!

My dear friend Phyllis, formerly of the Portland shop The Purple Pear, invited a few woman whom she had met through her store over the years to enjoy refreshments in her own lovely home and then take a tour of Peggy's home.

This group of women, Peggy and Phyllis included connected through their love for decorating and creating beautiful surroundings.  We were almost giddy with excitement over the inspiration and magic that came with touring Peggy's home and chatting about the common thread that had brought us together.

Peggy's home was warm, inviting and so carefully curated.  Everything about it spoke true to who she is and perfectly reflected her impeccable style.  What made the tour extra special was the details that Peggy shared with us as we meandered from room to room.  The classic art pieces that inspired the colors and finishes she chose, the stories behind pieces she had purchased new and then painted to look centuries old...all of this made each room all the more magical.

Anyone who has ever walked into Peggy's home will surely never forget the canvas painting on her sitting room ceiling!  Peggy shared with us that her great uncle, a prolific faux painter himself had painted this round canvas and it was one of Peggy's most beloved treasures.  She said she had it hung on the ceiling because it was too large for any of her walls.  
The result is both genius and breathtaking!

One of Peggy's more recent painted pieces resides in her dining room.
The colors and details she applied here are exquisite.

It has been said that Peggy has touched each and every corner of her home with her paint brush.  I believe that statement to be true!  Her attention to detail is absolutely amazing and so inspiring.

This attic space bedroom took everyone's breath away!  We all agreed that it were ours, we would never want to leave this decadent room!

Just beyond the sumptuous bed is the most beautiful claw foot bathtub!

Peggy shared that when this bathtub first came into her possession, it was black with cartoon-like fish painted on the sides!  I wish we had a before photo to see the transformation which I am certain would be astonishing!  The finish that Peggy created on this tub is beyond stunning.  

Another example of Peggy's eye for detail and unique approach to decor...

We'll end this photo tour with Peggy's charming outdoor space.  This out building was a labor of love, built by Peggy's wonderful friends using reclaimed wood and other unique architectural pieces.  What an enchanting space for a garden party!

I feel so blessed to have met Peggy and this group of lovely, like-minded women and to have shared such a wonderful afternoon with them all.  I came home that evening feeling so inspired and motivated to go beyond the furniture with my creative paint finishes and to spend more time adding personal touches to our home.  

I was also reminded of the importance to slow down, appreciate and enjoy even the smallest details that make life special.

Best Wishes and Blessings,