Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Explaining My Absence

It's been a very very long time since my last blog post and I feel I owe anyone who might still be following an explanation.

Eighteen months ago I took a full-time job, completely unrelated (like not even remotely close) to the antique/home decor/painting realm I had been living in for the past 12 years. I relunctantly gave up my booth at Camas Antiques and set aside my blog and most of my other creative ambitions for this 8-5, Monday-Friday office job. It was hard. I felt like I was letting go of a dream. Honestly, I felt a bit like a failure. Some of you reached out and asked why my booth had disappeared or why I stopped blogging. I hesitated to write this post because I didn't want to discourage anyone who was pursuing a career painting furniture, selling antiques, blogging etc. It's an exciting and worthwhile ambition and some people are really successful, but for me health insurance, retirement benefits and a steady income were a concern. With our children at an age where they were more independent and my husband moving his office home, it was time for me to move on.

I have stayed involved with Camas Antiques, helping with events, advising customers on paint finishes and teaching workshops (before covid-19). Conveniently, my office is within walking distance of the store, so popping by on lunch breaks and after work has been very convenient! I do believe that maintaining this presence at my favorite antique mall and keeping in touch with my junking buddies has made the transition to real world, serious job so much easier.

From the very beginning of this transition to full-time, office worker bee, I imagined that I would devote my free time and creative energy into all of those home projects that I never quite seemed to get around to before. I had every intention of continuing to blog creative projects in the evenings and on the weekends. But, most evenings when I came home from work all I really wanted to do was relax and spend time with my family. I am sure that anyone who works full-time outside of the home can relate.

I have to say that my new job has stretched me in ways I had never imagined I could be stretched and I have made some amazing new friends. I absolutely believe it was the right decision for me and for my family. I am so thankful now to be able to work from home during the covid pandemic. I know that many are not so fortunate.

As a family with more time at home over the past few months, we have started tackling some of those house projects that have been on hold for so long. It's been exciting and trying and fun. We've watched a lot of DIY YouTube videos and created a lot of Pinterest boards. I had been thinking that maybe it was about time to get back to blogging. I had shared a bit here and there on Instagram, but my blog has really been calling me...so here I am!

I have a lot of catching up to do, so I hope you're ready!

I also hope that you are staying safe and sane during these unsteady, trying times. I am finding solice in making our home extra homey for our family and from what I see on social media, a lot of others are too! Speaking of social media, you can find me here on Instagram on any given day, where I tend to share bits and pieces of random inspiration and fun little life moments.

I've missed connecting with friends here! I hope this reaches at least a few of you and finds you well!

With Love,