Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wedding Cake Dining Room Ceiling

When our home was built 10 years ago (we are the second owners) a former cake decorator was hired to apply a design on the dining room ceiling.  He basically filled his pastry bags with plaster and created a design just as he would on a wedding cake!  Why am I sharing this with you now?  Well, last week when our adjoining living room space was featured on Common Ground's "Design Challenge," a suggestion prompted me to write this post. 
I really loved Debra's idea to swap our living room and dining area.  She was so right about it solving most of my issues with the space.  I loved the idea of a larger dining room, too!  Of course I hadn't shared the dining room ceiling in any prior posts and it wasn't visible in the photos I'd sent her. 
Even after I stood and stared at the ceiling and considered the challenge of moving the chandelier and sconces, I wanted to try the room switcheroo.  I discussed the idea with my mom later that day.  She is my go-to girlfriend when it comes to big decisions such as this!  She assured me that although the idea made sense from a spacial standpoint, Debra would probably agree that the wedding cake ceiling reads "dining room."
It was a really wonderful thought, Debra!  I just thought I'd show you why I've decided to keep the dining room where it is for now.  Of course Debra gave me a lot of other fabulous ideas to ponder, as did many of you!  Right away I started moving furniture around, taking into consideration all of the advice to create a "grouping" in front of the fireplace.  Already I have an arrangement that I really love, and I even edited out a little end table based on some of the feedback I received.  I now know that I need to invest in drapery panels and an area rug and I have some clear thoughts on slipcover colors as well!  It will be a one step at a time makeover but I am truly inspired and excited to have a vision now!  Special thanks to all of you who took the time to comment and share your wonderful ideas!  I promise to give lots of updates as I fulfill my dream of transforming my "Creative Escape."  Coming soon:  photos of the new furniture placement!

It's beginning to feel like Fall around here and it's putting me in a "crafty" mood!  I've been working on some things this week that I will look forward to sharing with you soon!  Also, I hit the road with a couple of girlfriends last weekend and shopped the Coburg Antique Fair for the first time!  We filled my SUV to the brim with goodies and I can't wait to share them with you!

Much more to come!  Thank you for your sweet visit!
Have a lovely weekend!
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