Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Little Bit of Holiday...Home Tour

Yesterday, for just a moment in time our house was pretty clean (at least the downstairs was.)  The baby dolls and lego ships, sippy cups and bowls of fish crackers had been temporarily cleared away.  I decided to take the opportunity to shoot some photos of our home dressed for Christmas!

I had to do it quick...before naptime for one little girl and video game time for two little boys ended and the house was littered with Barbies and little Army men again.
There isn't a whole lot of Christmas in the kitchen...a snowman cookie jar on the counter, a couple of village houses and trees in the windowsill.  The kitchen was clean nevertheless, so I thought I would take a picture!
My Eastlake Dresser was moved into the dining room temporarily to make room for the enormous Griswold family tree that we brought home with us a couple of weeks ago (see it poking out there...on the left hand side?  It is truly a monstrosity!).
A few little Christmas pretties on the buffet... 
I could not remember whether I had decided to sell my Chic Snowmen last year or not, so it was a pleasant surprise to discover them packed away with the Christmas décor!  I found the perfect spot to display them on the buffet this year.
Our rather large tree fills a whole corner of the front room and spills into the dining room!  It's the risk of cutting a real never really realize how big they are until you set them up in your home!  We are enjoying it, when we're not getting attacked by it's pokey branches!

After searching for an all white nativity for years, I finally found one over the summer at a little church rummage sale!  They were asking 25 cents per piece!  A few of the animals are chipped and one of the kings is missing a nose, but it still displays well and it has quickly become a favorite Christmas decoration at our house!
It is such a large nativity set that I have a hard time fitting it all on the mantle!  I just love the camels.
I mostly stick with a white/cream color scheme on the tree, but the kiddos have special ornaments that they have made at school or were given as gifts that they are always excited to add, so there are bits of red here and there as well.

I was excited to find a place to hang this sweet vintage inspired plaque this year!  I had bought it last year on impulse and then couldn't find a place to put it.  Now I have my lovely old door...perfect spot!

My one new Christmas décor purchase this year... a beautiful vintage German porcelain Mary with Baby, found in Michelle's booth at Camas Antiques!  Thanks Michelle!

Thank you all for joining me on my little tour.  There are so many lovely homes out there in blogland, all gorgeous and glammed up for the season!  I love looking at them and getting inspiration for next year!  This year, I am done...calling it good!  Time to sit back and enjoy!
My Christmas wish for you...
A peaceful and contented heart as you celebrate the holiday season surrounded by people you love!

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The Quintessential Magpie said...

Amanda, it looks peaceful and beautiful. I love your Madonna and Baby Jesus. I also love your tree and all of your special touches. I had a close friend whose favorite color was pink, and she stalked the stores every year for additions to her tree. It was so much fun to see the ornaments she added. Se now lives in NOLA, and she has changed her color s here a bit. But one pink days were my favorite!



Robin Johnson said...

LOL! Mommy's of little one's need to document a clean house once in a while just to remind ourselves that it's a possibility! Your home is gorgeous and so cozy looking. I adore your Christmas tree - it's perfection and your mantel is amazing too!

Pat Cantwell said...

I adore the subtle hued color palette for Christmas, dear one!
The gray & white dresser is making me swoon!
Thank youfor sharing your lovely home!
Visiting from Common Ground!

craftyvintagegal said...

You have a beautiful home, not too busy, just beautiful. Thank you for inviting us into your home. I am in love with the vintage typewriter.

Sarah said...

Beautiful! Your white nativity and the new Mary and child are exquisite.
Happy Holidays……..Sarah

Mrs G said...

Your house looks so cool and fabulous, as usually, Amanda! Love the feel of your displays!

Maureen said...

Really pretty - Happy Holidays!

debbie zaccari said...

Charming and elegant

Mom E. said...

Your home is beautiful! And the picture will later remind you that during the years your children were growing it was clean! And toys are NOT dirty...they are just the fun of life at that stage. I wish you had sold your snow couple to me! I would LOVE a set of them! I am keeping my eyes open for a set of any color so that I can paint them up like you have...oh, wait! I think I have aset of ceramic snowmen! but they aren't small and cute like yours. Ah, well, i may just have to settle!
Love your blog! Enjoy your Christmas!

Anne said...

Merry Christmas Amanda!

Debra Oliver said...

everything is lovely Amanda. Love that wonderful white Nativity set! Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas!

Patti@OldThingsNew said...

Oh Amanda, your home is gorgeous all decked out for the holidays. Blessings to you in 2014 and I hope to see you some time this year!

One Shabby Old House said...

It's so pretty here. Your home was just beautiful for Christmas. Wishing you a very Happy New year. I look forward to seeing just what you will create this year!

Jamie @ Domestically Vintage said...

I love your "simple" Christmas decorating. Your home looks fabulous! Love the mantel and the snow men on the buffet. Just gorgeous! Have a wonderful new year!! ~ Jamie

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Amanda! Blessings to you as well for a creative and fun 2014!

I just found you via a search for "wreath appliqués" - I am looking at your blog post from 2012 and how you transformed the chiffrette with the wreaths...where did you order them? I am looking for some! Please let me know when you can. Anita

Nathan Scott said...

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