Thursday, July 14, 2016

Easy DIY Decorative Hangers

I hesitate to call this a DIY as it is really more of a crafty "idea" than a project!  

I love pretty little vintage baby dresses and am always looking for hangers that are equally as lovely to display them on, both at the shop and in my little girl's room!

Surprisingly, really pretty hangers are not as easy to find as you might think!  So, I have been buying plain wooden hangers and painting them with Chalk Paint® for a few years now.  Sometimes I just paint and wax them, while other times they also get a stenciled or stamped embellishment.  

I recently thought to add an embroidered embellishment by way of vintage doily.  
It worked beautifully and was so simple!  Best of all, I found another use for those little round crocheted doilies are always so plentiful!  

I chose a few pretty little round doilies from my stash and simply poked the metal end of the hanger through the centers of each of one.  A dab of hot glue would hold the doily in place, but in most cases the hole in the center of the doily was so small that glue wasn't necessary.  The doilies stayed in place on their own.

With the addition of a cute tag, these hangers are ready for the shop!

Pleased with the end result of this project/idea and how simple it was to put together, I thought I would do a quick share!

Thank you so much for your sweet visit today!

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