Sunday, March 19, 2017

Don't Think, Just Paint....and Bake!

What a whirlwind of a week we had!  Friday was the first day of a three-day anniversary event at Camas Antiques, which meant my booth needed to be fully stocked!  It's a good thing I had found a couple pieces of furniture to paint because I sold a large table on Thursday!  What timing!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you've already seen these pics.  Bare with me, I have more to share!

This was another one of those pieces that I almost passed on.  It was almost vintage but not quite! It was chunky and funky and not my style in the least!  But...I knew I had some appliques in my stash that would make all the difference, so I gave it ago.  The main color is a mix of Paris Grey and Pure White.  The details are painted in Pure White, Scandinavian Pink and Versailles.  Lots of dark wax pulls the look together...oh and a little Gold Gilding Wax too, of course!

Monday night I picked up a vintage dresser from a gal who said it had belonged to her grandmother.  The drawers worked great, the hardware was all there, still it had obviously had a hard life!  Whoa!  I'm not sure how a dresser gets as beat up as this one was!  I gave it a good cleaning and filled in a few holes, but much of the nicks and dents are still there.  Rather than polish her and make her pristine, I decided to celebrate the fact that this dresser had experienced life!

This was one of those projects that I jumped into without a real plan.  Paris Grey, Pure White and Honfleur, mixed, blended and applied in a haphazardly fashion...I had fun and felt like an artist working on this piece!  As Annie Sloan says, "Don't think, just paint!"  I never would have imagined these three colors would have worked as well as they did together.

My booth pre-Anniversary Sale!  I imagine it looks quite a bit different now!  Hoping I have a chance to skip down to the store and straighten things up sometime tomorrow.

On Friday I had to switch gears, put down my paint brush and pick up a spatula.  This cute little "girl in pink" turned 5 yesterday and she had big birthday cake goals!  Please don't expect any birthday cake tutorials on my blog.  This bunny cake might look cute, but...

Structurally, it had some major issues!  As it turns out, baking cakes requires a little more thought and careful planning than painting does!  
Nevertheless, cake fails make real birthday memories!  We got some fun photos and the cake itself was delish!

Thank you so much for your sweet visit today!

Best Wishes and Blessings,


Barbara H. said...

I've been reading or a while, but I don't know if I have ever commented. I admire your style and the work you do. But I LOVED the cake fail. I've had more than my share of them, and it's nice to know I'm not alone. :-) We've had laughs over mine as well - those are even more memorable than the ones that turned out great. Happy birthday to your daughter!

Vicki Willett said...

I love how you use such soft, beautiful colors. Where do you buy
your appliqués? Do you have a "how to" page for appliqués?
Thank you!

Girl in Pink said...

Thank you, Barbara! I loved reading your comment! You are definitely not alone in the cake fail department! I love to bake! My cakes usually taste great, but shaping and decorating them is not my forte! It's still fun to try! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Girl in Pink said...

Hi Vicki!
Thank you so much for your sweet words! I was fortunate enough to get appliques from a lovely friend who had a store where she sold them. Unfortunately the store is no longer in business. However, the company that she ordered them from is called Bomar Designs. They do have a website but I am not sure that they sell to the public. They may only sell to retail stores. Have you searched Ebay or Etsy for "furniture appliques"? There is a great selection online!

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