Sunday, September 19, 2010

I've been inspired!

 So...I have been contemplating starting a blog for months now!  Hours and hours spent reading the postings of so many amazingly talented women has inspired me to take my passions and share them too!  Years ago, before the little boys took over my life (in a good way, of course!)  I kept a scrapbook of before and after pictures of all of my projects.  In more recent years, I tried to take pictures of things that I created or restyled but those pics were downloaded onto the computer, and there they remain!  Occassionally I would post something that I was particularly excited about on Facebook, but then I thought...I'll just bet that most of these people (especially the guys) could care less about the old entertainment unit that I've turned into my fabulous new shabby crafting cabinet!  So, I am finally committing to a put my ideas and projects out there for the people who might be interested and who share my passion for thrifting, crafting, repurposing and decorating!  I have so enjoyed reading the blogs of the women who enjoy creating beautiful things and so admire their willingness to share ideas, thoughts and methods with us all.  I am excited to join them in this same spirit and make more new friends who love the things I love!
I spent a good week or so figuring out how to design my blog just the way I wanted...and I think that for now, I am happy with it!  "Girl in Pink" is the name you will now see on my tags at my little space at Camas Antiques, below the face of that adorable little blonde girl with the feathered hat!  I've always wanted a logo...and when I found this little victorian chic girl, I knew she was perfect!  She is in one of my very favorite shades of pink...looking very sylish and even has a cute little bird perched on her hat brim!  I hope you like her as well as I do! 

More to follow from the Girl in Pink!  Thank you for stopping by!