Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Successful Day of Treasure Hunting!

Last Thursday morning my mom watched the boys so that I could spend a few glorious hours doing what I love to do...hunting for treasures!  I met a sweet friend (and fellow dealer) at a rummage sale first thing.  As usual, I didn't get there as early as I had planned...and as usual this dear friend was holding a spot for me near the front of the line!  Thankfully no one behind us seemed to notice, or care that I had take cuts (I still felt guilty!)  We had a nice visit while we waited for the doors to open and then we split up to seek out the goods!  This particular sale is one that is held twice a year and I've missed it only once in the last 5 years!  In fact, the second time I went I had to bring my husband along to sit in the car with our 2 week old son while I shopped!  I was still recovering from the c-section and was pretty limited on time in between feedings, plus my hubby had to get to the office, but I was determined to make it to that sale!  Unfortunately it seems that the pickings are getting progressively less while the prices increase, but it's still a fun sale...and you never know what you'll find!  Once I felt I had explored every corner of the rummage sale, I hit up a couple of my favorite thrift stores...and added to my loot!  By the time I needed to head home to relieve my mom, I had quite the truck-load of goods!  As are a few pictures of what came home with me last week. 
I feel like I hit the mother-load on the silver pieces!  I can't wait to add all of these lovelies to my display this week!  I have never brought home so many fun and fancy pieces after just one shopping trip!  Ooooh-la-la!
I am slightly obsessed with Beatrix Potter these days!  I rarely pass up one of those sweet little stories when I come across them...and as you can see, I came across quite a few of them last week!  I did have to pass on one which was very sad as it was one that I have been searching for for my boy's collection, "Ginger and Pickles" but all of the pages were stuck together...really stuck!  So sad!  I was very pleased to find the complete box set (1-12) in perfect condition (I am putting it aside for Christmas, for a certain little niece and nephew of mine who are missing these classics from their collection!)  The rest will go to the shop this week, along with a really neat vintage edition of "The Wizard of Oz" and sequel. 
I am sucker for vintage lace, linens, doilies and especially needlepoint!  It's hard to tell in this photo, but the pillows are battenburg lace.  They will most likely end up on our bed...just the accents I've been looking for!  The tapestry fabric was bundled with a sticker that said "scraps."  I wasn't expecting much but when I opened it up at home I was thrilled to find that there were in fact several good sized pieces...enough to make a couple of bags or upholster some dining chairs! 
Isn't this a beautiful needlepoint?  Just imagine the hours of work that went into it...a piece of art for sure!  I am thinking it will make a lovely throw pillow...maybe for my sofa, or maybe for the shop...we'll see!
You could say I have a thing for pearls!  I just love how a grouping of them looks, so elegant, so effortless and feminine!  I am working on tagging these beauties to take to the shop tomorrow night to add to my "dress-up" display!

Thank you for stopping by!  Best Wishes and God Bless!