Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beatrix Potter Inspired Fall Window

When I recently told a good friend of mine that I was planning a Beatrix Potter themed window for Camas Antiques, she was sure that I had meant "Harry Potter."  A Harry Potter theme makes much more sense for the month of October, when you think about it.  Wouldn't Beatrix Potter be more appropriate in the spring?  But if you are a real fan of Ms. Potter, you know that her life and her stories are about much more than just little bunnies in waistcoats!
100 years ago this month, Frederick Warne & Co. published The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes, book number 17 in Beatrix's set of 23 Tales.  What says Fall more than adorable little squirrels gathering nuts for the winter?  I found these vintage salt and pepper shakers and the small planter on different shopping trips over the past few months and have been "squirrelling" them away for my window display!
 When I bought this portable Underwood typewriter at a sale last summer, I wasn't sure why I had picked it up.  It was the only remotely interesting item at the whole sale...and I questioned whether or not I was just desperate to find something there!  Nevertheless, this machine was clearly calling to me.  Come to find out, my grandfather's first job was selling this exact model of typewriter door to door back in the late 1920's!  It turned out to be a wonderful addition to my of those "meant to be" purchases!
I had some great help in pulling together some of the accessories I was hoping for.  My other grandfather who lives several hours East of me, is an avid estate sale shopper and picked up some beautiful fountain pens and inkwells for me!  They arrived in the mail this week!  I was sure excited to open up that box of treasures!  Thank you, Grandpa!!! 
I knew as soon as I spotted this beautiful English Springer Spaniel figurine, I had to have it for my window, but I wasn't sure why.  I know Beatrix Potter's tales fairly well and I couldn't remember ever seeing a spaniel dog in any of them.  I went with my first instinct and tucked the pup away with my other Potter inspired finds. Much later, I came across this photo on the Internet...
Beatrix Potter as a young girl with her handsome spaniel.  It's almost spooky, I tell ya!
You knew I would work some aged book page leaves into this display, didn't you?  It's a little difficult to see in the photos but I have the leaves hanging from tree branches that are attached to the ceiling.  Leaf garlands frame the burlap backdrop.  I scattered the book page leaves all around on the floor as well.  If you want to make your own book page leaf garland, the tutorial can be found here.
I am sorry that my photos of the overall window aren't great.  I did the best I knew how to do through glass at 11 o'clock at night!  My wonderful mother put together the lovely baskets of mums and kale which were the perfect addition to my display.  I say "were" because they are long gone!  We had brought in four of them and they all flew right out the door.  
I also just received a call letting me know that the typewriter and dog figurine have sold as well.  Three days into this display and already I need to replenish!  I'm so glad I got some photos when I did!
A shopping trip is definitely in order, and it just so happens that I have a grandma sitter lined up for tomorrow morning!  Yee Haw!
What an honor it has been to have creative control of a window display for my very favorite shopping destination!  And the best compliment ever came from the store owner when everything was finally in place late Monday night..."Enchanting," she said.  Exactly how I feel about the life and works of Beatrix Potter, and exactly the feeling I had hoped to evoke in my display!  Hooray!

Thank you so much for your sweet visit!  Happy Fall, my dear friends!

Best Wishes and Blessings,

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