Friday, January 7, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

After a month of focusing on family, holidays and my home, my little room at Camas Antiques has been feeling neglected and looking sparse!  A shopping spree was long overdue and I actually headed out twice this week and hit every one of my favorite spots!  My first trip was not extremely productive as I had my littlest guy with me who loudly and persistently chanted "No like this store!"  Overall he did pretty well considering it was his rest time!  At one point I was walking out of a shop with my 2 year old in one arm and 2 tabletop shelving units and a bag in the other!  I got some looks from people in the parking lot...I like to think they were looks of amazement at my strength and ability but most likely they were thinking I was ridiculous for not using a shopping cart!  And maybe I was...but I didn't have my antibacterial wipes on me and I wasn't about to stick my child in a grimey, germy cart during flu season!  We've had enough sickness at our house this winter, thank you.  So my next day out was a lot easier as I was on my own.  Thank you Grandma for playing with the kiddos all day long so that mom could have some much needed alone time!  It was just what I needed get inspired and motivated to kick off the new year at the antique mall!  I've even worked on some new signage that will be up in the entryway to my little shop space later this week.  Here are a few of my thrift finds from this week along with my new signs.  The garage is starting to fill up with some projects as well...time to get busy!  I hope this motivation and inspiration sticks around!  Happy New Year Friends!

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