Friday, January 14, 2011

Show and Tell

I got started on a little Valentine's Day project yesterday and had hoped to have it completed to share for my favorite weekend link parties today...but sometimes when your a mom, crafting time turns into tickle time, or a drawn out game of hide and seek, or an elaborate fort is built and then is in constant need of repair!  The point is, my project didn't get done, but that's okay!   Maybe next week!  I did however snap a few quick photos this afternoon when we happened to have some decent light streaming in through the windows and the little boys were momentarily distracted!  I thought I would share a few pretty things today, just for fun!  I also have a confession to make...I just started taking down the Christmas decorations!  I don't think I've ever left them up this long but as stated before, moms get busy doing important mom things and sometimes everything else just has to take a back burner.  Besides, our tree was still looking lovely and not dropping needles...and taking it all down is such a chore!  Okay, enough with the excuses!  I was really dragging my feet and decided that a couple of new decorating pieces was just what I needed to inspire me to pack up the Christmas decor!

After we dropped the big boy off at school one day this week, the little guy and I walked through Camas Antiques.  I often run into work on my display but I rarely have time to really look around!  The shop is just packed with new goodies!  This adorable pink magazine holder was calling my name and the price was right...I couldn't resist!  

I have been loving the look of stacked vintage picnic baskets and the useful storage they provide.  I found this one during my little shopping spree and am now on the hunt for some others to complete the look!
I think that kitties make the best accessories, don't you? 

I am constantly changing things around on my kitchen counters.  Here is a look at the corner of the kitchen yesterday.  The white pedestal cake plate was a Christmas gift from a sweet friend.  The orchid is one of two that I was given on Christmas eve as hostess gifts!  It's so nice to have flowers in the house again!
I grabbed this chicken wire tiered basket out of the bin at Goodwill just before it went out on the shelves!  Of course I bought it with the intention of selling it at the shop (as tends to be the case with a lot of my decorating pieces these days ;)  It was filled with vintage pastel ball ornaments up until recently and I am thinking a nest, eggs and a sweet little bird or two will be making their way into it very soon!
Last summer my husband decided that our kitchen needed updating.  I dragged my feet knowing that what he thought would be a quick easy project would turn into days of stress, mess and hard work.  My father in law showed up with all of his tools and he and my husband set up shop in our garage, cutting tile and beadboard.  It was a lot of hard work but it took them just a few days, and my only job was to keep the little boys out of the way and then paint the beadboard and trim when everything else was completed.  I am so happy with end result...much better than the tan formica and army green tile back splash we had been living with!  Looking at this photo though, I am thinking I really need that tiny white chandelier I saw at the antique shop this week to hang over the sink!  Okay, maybe I don't need it but it sure would be lovely hanging in that little alcove!  So very lovely!  Hmmm...I've been saving my Christmas money for new clothes... chandelier or new clothes?  What would you choose?
I purchased this paper rose wreath at Target years ago.  The pink roses go so well with my everyday decor that I like to keep it up on my pantry door long after Valentine's Day.
I hope you're all ready for a wonderful weekend!  I know I am!  We're going to a friend's house for dinner tonight which is always a treat!  I love sharing a meal with friends, and I love it when I get a break from cooking too!  As a matter of fact, I don't have to make dinner tomorrow night either!  Yay!  We will be at my mom and dad's house tomorrow for my dad's birthday...Happy Birthday Dad! 

We have plans to work on a little repurposing/restoration project this weekend too!  I say "we" because this is a joint effort project...hubby and I!  Hopefully I'll have some cool things to share with you next week...(oooh, I better go take some "before" pics!)

Thank you so much for your visit today!  I adore your comments and if you follow me I will try to get over to your blog to say hello and follow you back!  Have a wonderful weekend friends!
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