Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tips for Drying Roses

I love using dried roses in my Fall crafts and décor.
The actual process of drying them is a lot of fun too.  I have found that certain varieties of roses dry a little better than others.
I have the best luck with my Bonica grows in clusters of small pink blossoms.  I pick the buds that have not yet fully opened.
Picking them early in the morning is best, and after a couple of sunny, dry days so that there is no moisture trapped between the petals.
I like to bundle my perfect little pink buds into pretty bouquets and hang them where I can enjoy them as they dry.  Finding a dry spot, out of direct sunlight is important.  Within a couple of weeks, I have sweet little dark burgundy rose buds that will last and last!
How about you?  Do you dry roses from your garden?  Do you dry any other varieties of flowers?
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