Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Craigslist Posting that Sent us All the Way Around the Block!

When I spotted this desk with hutch top on Craigslist, I crossed my fingers in hopes that no one else had seen the potential in it that I did, and made the call.  Yes, it was still available and the woman said to come on over and pick it up!  The directions she was giving me to her house were sounding awfully familiar.  A moment later I realized that the Craigslist poster was my neighbor!  We could have completed the transaction over the fence!  But we didn't...my husband was kind enough to make the trip around the block in our truck.

This is the project that I was in the middle of when I emptied out my first can of Old White!  Each piece received 2 coats, followed by clear and dark wax.  Old white takes on a completely different look when the dark wax is applied generously.  I wasn't sure if I was going to like it when I was in the middle of the waxing process, but when I stood back to look at the completed piece, I was loving it! 

See the scrolly details at the top of the cupboard doors?  Let me remind you of what they looked like before...

I was a little apprehensive about painting the metal, but the ASCP sealed with the waxes really worked well! 

 I am pretty much convinced that there isn't any out-dated or funky furniture detail that ASCP can't make beautiful!

I had been saving this old Woodstock typewriter to bring in for sale when I had a great piece to display it on.  I think I finally have that piece!

I hope that someone comes along who will cherish these treasures just as I have!

An overall view of my shop space with the new hutch top desk all moved in! 

Did you notice these little jars sitting next to the typewriter on the desk?  I will share more about what's inside tomorrow, along with a thrifted flower pot, a mirror makeover and how all these things came together to create a new look for our living room mantle!

Until then...

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  1. What a fantastic piece, Amanda! How funny that the seller was your neighbor! At least you could make two trips easily if you had to. It turned out beautifully ~ I just love it! I also love the way you set up the top. The typewriter is perfect here!

  2. I bet your neighbor might want to buy it back after she sees your beautiful transformation! I love it!

  3. I think you did an amazing job. It looks as if it was a pine piece from the 1970's. We got married in 1972 and a lot of our first furniture purchases looked like that. It was THE thing back then. I

  4. Oh it turned out beautifully!! Everything looks so pretty.

  5. Beautiful job on your desk. That would be hard to let go of if it were me.
    Mary Alice

  6. Incredible find! Absolutely love it! Great, GREAT job!


  7. Beautiful desk and a lovely booth too! What a great find!

  8. That has to be one of my favorite before and afters, it turned out fantastic!


  9. Fabulous job! Where do you find the time....? ! Love you!

  10. It looks awesome! Your booth looks beautiful too!

  11. just can say wow! looks sooo great! love everything you share here very much! have a great day even there is still paint on your fingers. ;0) (i got paint on my fingers 4 days a week *smile*)
    di ;0)

  12. Your booth is absolutely GORGEOUS! If I happened across it, I would be hard pressed to choose just one item! Sometimes living in the great white North has its disadvantages.

  13. It looks absolutely stunning! What a fantastic transformation!

  14. What a great looking display--everything looks awesome!

  15. What a gorgeous piece!! You gave it a fabulous makeover!

  16. What a beautiful piece! The new colour and AS finish are so pretty.

  17. really nice job - it is amazing what some paint can do to something once treasured for it's rich wood tones. Paint looks so good - you have a great looking space at the shop.

  18. Love that piece. I would have a hard time selling that one!

  19. Isn't it amazing what some paint and wax can do for an outdated piece of furniture? I always love coming across those pieces with the stippled lacquer finish ... because you can almost hear the piece breathing a sigh of relief as I make it beautiful. I'll bet you could hear yours, too.


  20. Beautiful piece, one of my all time favorite transformations.....will you use it for display or is it For Sale? If you live around the block from me I will buy it!


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