Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Balancing Act and a Table Makeover

I didn't do a lot of painting last week and I didn't do a lot of blogging either.  My excuse...I had to clean my house for guests!  I don't know about you, but if one area of my life is organized and productive, another suffers.  I am learning to accept that and just do the best that I can!

If you walk into my house and the living room is clean, be assured that the beds are not made and I probably have piles of laundry on my bedroom floor waiting to be folded and put away.  If my space at the antique mall is fully stocked with freshly painted pieces, then I probably have a sink full of dirty dishes at home and I most likely haven't washed my hair in 3 days! 

So, I just wanted to say to you, my readers and friends that my world is happy, but far from perfect!  If you see a picture of a room in my house and everything looks neat and tidy, know that I was busily tidying up and "staging" just for that photo.  Chances are that the rest of my house is in disarray, and that's okay! 
Now, onto the makeover!  By the way, this was completed 2 weeks ago...before I started cleaning house!

Presently, this table is in my living room but I am working on a set of chairs that I think will join it at the shop next month!  In the meantime, it's a great place to set up Monopoly Golf.  I should have left the game sprawled out on the table top for this photo, instead of tidying up and staging!  I didn't know where this post was going until I sat down to write it!

These close-up shots really exaggerate and demonstrate the effect of the waxing.  I think it's interesting, and helpful to see especially what the dark wax does to the finish.

To achieve this finish, I used short, varied brush strokes instead of the traditional long, back and forth painting method.  This is Annie Sloan's method for an old world paint finish.  I loved watching Annie paint at the workshop I attended.  Of course she makes it look absolutely effortless.  I am still working on getting that perfectly imperfect old patina.  I played with a few variations of Paris Grey and Old White on the table top which gave it almost a marbled look...not what I had in mind exactly, but I like it!

Something that Annie talked about at the workshop was the importance of allowing the wax to cure, specifically on a table top before it is heavily used.  She admitted that her own dining table has her son's signiture imprinted on it because he sat down to sign a paper just a day or two after she had finished waxing it!  I think this is a good tip to keep in mind.  I've had a table cloth on this table and it's really only been used for board games.  The finish is holding up great but I am happy to give it time to fully cure before I take it to the shop and cover it with vintage treasures!

Thank you for your sweet visit!  I hope you are having a fabulous week!  I am back to painting, and my house is no longer clean.  Se la vie!

Best Wishes and Blessings,

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  1. OMG Amanda. This is SOOO funny! I just painted a table VERY similar to this and posted about it today! I was going to go white with dark wax too but I didn't want to paint the top and wanted a color a little richer to go with the darkness of the wood top. Your table looks beautiful! Now I know what mine would have looked like had I done it all white. Next time!

  2. Love the color Amanda, this table turned out gorgeous!!

  3. I only very recently discovered the world of Annie Sloan paints and at about the same time came upon your FB page. I have learned so much from you and really admire your work. Everything is fresh and lovely. Thank you for sharing your work and talent. :)

  4. Beautiful! I can't wait to see the chairs too! PS: my dining room table is covered with paints, projects and very messy. But it makes me happy LOL

  5. The table turned out great! I definitely understand about balance...I feel like we may have been on the same blog writing wave length today! ;-)

  6. Great info! ;) I tried the new method (ha ha, new to me, right?) today.... I think it's starting to make sense.... ? I can relate to trying to find balance. Part of being a workin woman! Lol!

  7. Did Annie say how long it takes for the wax to cure itself?

  8. Beautiful transformation!!
    Wishing you a very Happy Easter!!


  9. That's a great table, Amanda, and I love the colors! Love the dark wax look to it as well. It looks like a nice size for games or cards and I love how you can move it easily with those wheels.

  10. This is a beauty, I love the effect you have created. CJ

  11. This is a gorgeous piece. I also loved watching Annie paint at her workshop. You're so right about perfecting the old world stokes and finish! I'm still working on that. Thanks for sharing your lovely piece!

  12. First I wanted to thank you for your thoughtful comment on my blog about my end table. I really appreciate it!

    And, I just love your large round table and can see why it makes a great gaming table-it turned out wonderful!

    Then I wanted to say that we must be kindred spirits, because I live pretty much the same way you do. If one area is perfect, you can bet there are huge flaws in other areas. I work at it, but still fall short. That's OK.It gives me something to look for to trying someday ;^)

  13. I've only been on your blog for five minutes and I already learned twenty things! I have to laugh at your confession about your home, I am the same. Love the table and am looking forward to more posts ;)

  14. Oh, so true...we can't do it all...just so we do what's most important..and that changes day to day!
    Happy Easter!

  15. Amanda,
    That table looks amazing especially with the dark wax.Happy Easter.

  16. Love your table. Thanks for sharing at Creative Things Thursday!

  17. I thought I was the only one who left the bed unmade :)

    Love the table. It turned out beautifully.

  18. Love the way the pedestal table turned out. I even love the na,me of the color, Paris Gray.

  19. So charming- love how it came out! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  20. Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!


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