Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Magical Place...

On the car ride home from my parent's house last night after a lovely family dinner, my oldest son said, "Grandma and Grandpa's house really is a magical place!"  So sweet, and so true!  My parents live just a few minutes from us but entering through the gates onto their 20 acres of heaven really is like stepping into another land...a magical one for sure.  I've been anxious to share it with all of my blog friends and had every intention of taking photos yesterday afternoon.  There were hundreds of gorgeous flowers in bloom, perfect weather, and everything was lining up for a great photo shoot.  Like a good photographer, I had everything packed, even an extra battery...everything I needed except, the memory card for my camera!  Bummer!!!  Oh well, I'll be back for the photo shoot soon.  In the meantime, my mom sent me home with some beautiful white flowers to share for the White Wednesday Party at Faded Charm.  Enjoy! 
Rest assured there will be many posts about this magical place in the coming months.  My mom and I have a business hosting intimate garden weddings at the property.  Of course I have a gazillion photos of the beautiful land we call Lac de' Fleur Gardens that I could share with you but I wanted to take some special new photos and give you a proper tour.  Looking through my online albums, most of the photos I have of the gardens either have children or brides in them!  For now, I'll leave you with one teaser shot from last May.  This is the formal rose garden area. 
If you're anxious to see more right away, you can visit my parent's website where my dad has shared some amazing photographs as well as the history of the land www.lacdefleurgardens.com.

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  1. What a lovely setting! Magical, indeed.

  2. We've all left the card in the computer once or twice! Good sub in till we see the pix. Looking forward. Jane

  3. Be Still My Heart, I can't wait for more Photos & now I am off to see the Website!

  4. Hi Amanda, everything is so beautiful, thanks for sharing.... can't wait to see more! I hope you received my last email with my address, can't wait to get the collar!!!
    Blessings~~ Daphne

  5. Very impressive! I enjoyed seeing your pretty photos.

  6. Well, that is magical indeed! And I'm sure that your boys think their grandparents are just as magical as the house and property...off to check out your dad's website. Happy week, Amanda...Tanya

    I'll bet weddings there are just breathtaking!

  7. Wow, magical indeed! What a beautiful garden, I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to get married there! Thanks for sharing:)

  8. They really do live in a magical place! I'm so glad I have been able to experience it! You are a lucky lady :)

  9. Ooh, it all looks so lovely. I'm off to check out the website. Your photos are also quite beautiful too!

  10. Lovely flowers and pics! Oh, your parents place does look magical. What an amazing view in your last pic. I love it! That is so great that you do weddings with your mom. Where is it located? {I'm local too.} I'm the wedding coordinator at our little vintage church and coffee shop.
    I hope our home can someday be considered magical to our grandchildren {we have one 18 mo. old granddaughter}. I think that will be my new goal :).
    Have a great day! and thanks for entering my giveaway.
    ~ Julie

  11. How wonderful that you and your mom work together in such a romantic business! You are so fortunate!
    Your son was right about your parents place being "magical." I am going to visit your parents blog to see more.
    And....I think your blog is quite magical, as well!
    I am so happy I found you!

  12. I visited the website and I am impressed by the enthusiasm of your parents to recreate this magical place .They have done a great job . I am also touched by their kindness to Dr. Boersma ! Such an wonderful story ! Thank you for sharing ! I wish you and your parents success !

  13. Loved your mom and dads place, truly a magical place. Thanks for sharing it with us!!! Florence

  14. What beautiful gardens!! Just stunning!! I am going to check your paretn's site.



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