Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Beautiful Day for a Barn House Sale!

Are you ready to be blown away?  The Barn House boys and friends put together an amazing show on Saturday and I could hardly wait to share the gorgeous displays with my dear blog friends!  Here we go...virtual shopping spree!
Denise of Pink Postcard was at the sale with her family.  It was such a pleasure to meet her in person!
Kittens!  They added to the whimsical ambiance of the sale!
This one was poised so perfectly on a vintage bed...
it just couldn't be real, could it?
It sure was!
My fellow vintage treasure-hunting enthusiast and dear friend Florence was shopping the sale as well...I knew I'd be seeing her!  She is also a very talented photographer and I'm embarrassed that my photo with her is out of focus!  I forgot to change the settings back to auto before I handed over my camera.
Look!  A chamber pot used to water the chickens!  I've been a little obsessed lately with chamber pots and how they are used in their second life.  Here is another way to use and display them that I hadn't thought of!
Here I am with some of my dearest and oldest friends.  Rebecca, Sarah and I have known each other since middle school and their mom, Rhea is just as sweet as she can be!  Rebecca was a bridesmaid in my wedding 10 years ago!  Seeing them at the show really made an already lovely day, extra special!
And there goes my hunky Sherpa toting my one and only purchase of the day!  I will share more photos of this darling little table and tell you more about it later in the week!
Thank you for your sweet visit!  I hope you had a fabulous, sunny weekend!  I know the folks here in the Pacific Northwest were beyond ready for the sunshine.  Shopping for treasures on the Barn House boys beautiful country farm was such a lovely way to enjoy the sunny day!

Best Wishes and Blessings,

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  1. Oh Amanda, your photos are so wonderful, I felt like I was there!

  2. Amanda you are truly a very special person and a a great photographer, your blog always tells the story as we have seen it. I am gifted to have gotten to know you this last year. Keep up your great artistic work. Hugs! Florence

  3. Great post. thanks for sharing your outing with us!

    barbara jean

    and yes, we are soooo ready for some summer! (I'm in Eugene, Or)

  4. Wonderful photos! I would love to have been there.


  5. OMG, I see so many goodies, what a great place to shop! Amanda your photos are always so beautiful I just keep going back to look at them over and over! Hope you have a wonderful week!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  6. Virtual shopping is better than window shopping, Amanda! I'm not tempted to walk in the store and whip out my credit card! : ) I saw lots of goodies I liked though. That little chair I saw at the beginning and end of your post is something I would have been interested in getting.

  7. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures, The cat pictures are wonderful! And there were so many great things to buy.

  8. I'm going to come with you next year!! I'll clear my calendar (and decline any family invitations) to come to the barn sale with you! :)

  9. Such Wonderful pictures! It all looks amazing but my favorite has to be the adorable kitten...sigh. Thank you for sharing! ~Funky Junk Jennifer

  10. I'm not sure whether to Drool, Cry or do both.. : ) It's probably best I had no clue where or when this occurred because I can see myself easily going into debt... :) thanks for sharing your LOVELY photos with us

  11. Amanda, this looks great. I wish we had markets like this. The vendors do such a great job styling everything.

  12. Seriously THANK YOU FOR SHARING these photos! What a fun environment to be a part of.
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  13. WOW this looked FUN!
    Where was this? I love all your photos!!
    I am so getting a chamber pot for my chickens!! ha
    I loved that!!

  14. You took some fabulous photos my dear! I loved the kittens.... I see things in your photos that either I missed or were sold by the time I got there....

    Chloe Rose

  15. WOW! I wish I was close enough to actually go to the Barn Sale. Everything looks so fabulous! Congrats on a successful show!

  16. Your photos turned out just gorgeous Amanda! :) Can't wait to see your purchase in it's entirety~

  17. What an amazing show! Thanx for bringing us along. You took some fabulous pics!

  18. Hi Amanda, I popped by to thank you for visiting my blog! I enjoyed my stroll along your blog, great pics of the Barn House sale:)



  19. Hello girl in pink, love your blog name. I too am a pink person. Also your blog is awesome and the sale looks fantastic, where was it?
    Happy to meet...Lu

  20. There is such a plethera of vintage goodies over that way...absolutely LOVE the chamber chicken watering pot! It looks like so much fun!

  21. I really enjoyed the trip to the barn house via your photos. I spotted treasures I had not seen on other sites. Thanks!


    and please consider putting your email in your profile. Right now you are a "no reply comment". I love to respond personally to all my commentators but I can't if I cannot reply <3

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