Tuesday, July 5, 2011

All Moved In!!!

I am so thrilled to be all moved in to my new space at Camas Antiques!  It was a tiny bit sad leaving my cozy little room in the back corner of the shop after five years, but I was ready for a change and I couldn't be happier with my new location!  I didn't expect the furniture I planned for it to fit as well as it does...even though I measured and drew up a design for it.  Generally my sense of space is a little off!  A special thank you goes out to my sweet husband (the hunky Sherpa) who patiently helped with the loading, unloading, moving and shifting of the heavier pieces!  I don't know what I would do without him! 
The little dark wood table against the wall is actually an antique dining table that shrinks down to the size of a console or sofa table!  I have to give my hunky Sherpa the credit for that discovery!  It can seat up to 6 when the 2 leaves are in place.  How perfect for a tiny cottage or studio apartment!
I spent a couple of hours last week papering the inside of this cabinet with vintage hymnal pages.  The sheet music was perfect for achieving the overall look I was going for, but I really love the tender words that serve as a backdrop for my found treasures.  I feel that it gives my little space a peaceful and spiritual ambiance.  It was no coincidence that I happened upon a box of vintage sheet music from a church just a few weeks ago.  Isn't it awesome to think that God intervenes in our creative, crafty endeavors...even those that we consider insignificant in the eyes of our creative Father...the one who hand crafted the heavens and the earth!  Amazing!

I have a few photos of the wedding decor from our event at Lac de' Fleur Gardens last weekend to share with you too...but I think I will save them for another post as I have three little ones here who require my attention at the moment!  Thank you for your sweet visit today!  I look forward to seeing what all of my blog buddies are up to this week! 

Have a lovely day!
Best Wishes and Blessings,


I'll be joining in the White Wednesday party at Faded Charm today!


  1. Beautiful, everything looks great!


  2. Oh my goodness, it's Gorgeous!!!! that silver tea set is beautiful. great job!!

  3. It all looks so lovely, Amanda! Good luck in your new digs!

  4. Your booth looks fabulous! I see so many lovely things.


  5. Oh my you space is gorgeous!! This is what I am trying to acheive in my space but can never seem to trim all the stuff down that I put in it!!

    Is this Traci's old space? It looks like that it may be- I got to visit your great store back in April when we were there for a conference.

    bee blessed

  6. OMG, Amanda your booth is gorgeous.... I love what you did with the vintage hymnal pages, and your so right how wonderful it is that God intervenes in our creative endeavors. I miss having a booth so much, but for now I'm just to busy to devote the time to one, maybe later on! Hope you have a wonderful week!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  7. What a gorgeous space you have created! I wish that I could shop there:) I am in love with the hutch lined with the vintage sheet music, it is perfection! And I, too think Gog truly does care about our creative endevours, you said it well!

  8. Good luck in your new space! You have certainly created a beautiful place to shop in!

  9. Your new space looks fabulous! I'm sure you'll like having more room.

    Hasn't this weather been wonderful? I'm lovin' it!



  10. It looks just beautiful! It's always fun to really shift things around and get a whole new look. I hope your new space does well for you, I'm sure it will!

  11. I've got to run to Camas Antiques and check out your lovely new space! It looks fabulous! Love the idea of the hymn music on the back of your shelves...I just bought an old hymnal at Goodwill, hmmmmmmm...

  12. It looks amazing! I spy so many wonderful, lovely treasures! Happy White Wednesday. Drop by for a visit when you get a chance!

    Waving from Our Back Porch,

  13. Your space is lovely, really merchandised so well! I have a booth too, here in Carlsbad, CA. One of my biggest problem is visual merchandising, not at all the same as styling a home. I love how you did yours, especially the walls...are those laces? Love your blog, I'm your newest follower.

  14. So pretty!

  15. What a gorgeous booth! I want to come shopping!

  16. I wish I was in the area, it's beautiful. Good luck!


  17. So lovely, everything looks so so pretty.

  18. Your booth looks beautiful! I like your idea of covering the inside of that cabinet... gave it a totally new, unique look! :)

  19. Your new space looks wonderful!!!
    I see lots of pretty treasures I would scoop up!

  20. Your booth is just beautiful... I love the music papered shelves... I've had booths a couple of times before and I know how hard they are to keep up... and how handy it is to have a wonderful hubby that is willing to help!

    Wonderful-wonderful job!!

  21. It all came together beautifully! I love how the sheet music adds so much charm and meaning...love your perspective!

  22. OMG! It's beautiful. I hope I never go there because I would very likely bankrupt us by buying everything.

    Madison xxx


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