Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just Pruning the Roses and Sharing My Loot!

The time had come to prune back my Bonica rose bush.  It was almost done blooming...and normally I would wait until it was completely done, but the stems were so full of blooms that they were falling over and practically laying on the ground.  I couldn't let the piles of pretty pink go to waste, so I staged them with a few of the treasures that I had already planned to share today!
I purchased this gorgeous sea grass tote with the Pottery Barn gift card I received in the giveaway from the lovely ladies of All That Jazz Vintage.  Thanks again Tara and Michelle!  This bag has been great for estate saling as well as carrying things to and from the shop!  I just love it!
The vanity mirrors were thrift store finds this week.  I love to use them in my displays at the shop.
Another favorite pink rose...this one is Ballerina.
I was so pleased to find this stack of Johnson Brother's Rose Chintz for $3.99 at a thrift store this week.  They are a bit chippy but it doesn't matter...they will have a good home in my china cabinet with my grandmother's treasured rose chintz collection!
This lovely Johnson Brother's ironstone platter will be making it's way to my space at the shop next week...
along with this handsome stack of old ironstone.  The platters are big and heavy!
Do you know what this is?  It isn't a giant tea cup!  This is that perfect accessory to the 1880's oak washstand I had mentioned in my last post!
After it jumped off the shelf of the thrift store into my delighted hands, I doused myself in antibacterial gel and made my way to the nearest bathroom to wash up with soap and water!  Ha!  This porcelain commode dates to 1911!  I was thrilled to tuck it inside of the washstand cupboard (after a thorough cleaning of course!)  My husband thinks it would be great fun to put a couple of unwrapped Baby Ruth candy bars in it for effect.  Of course I said NO WAY!
Do you own an antique chamber pot?  How do you display it?
Cleaning up...after making two very large bouquets to enjoy in the house and several bundles of buds for drying.  Garden work turned fun photo shoot!

Thank you for your sweet visit today!  I look forward to seeing what you all have been busy working on this week or what treasures you've discovered!  Have a lovely weekend!

Best Wishes and Blessings,

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  1. Visiting from White Ironstone Cottage, love all your treasures but my favoite is the stack of ironsone plates and platter! Your flowers are gorgeous!
    Great prize from All that jazz, I love those girls!

  2. I was at Camas Antiques today and your new space looks fabulous!!! Wishing I had a good spot in my house for that fabulous wash stand!

  3. OMG, you found some great treasures.... I love it all. What beautiful roses you have too, and as always your photo's are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  4. Beautiful photos as usual. Gorgeous china plates. I can't believe they were only $3.99. Great result. When I bought my "giant tea cup" home, my husband did give me a very, very disapproving look. And when I explained what it was to my four year old the look of disgust on his face was a picture.

    Madison xxx

  5. Amanda,
    Your roses are gorgeous. That commode really takes me back to my childhood. My grandmother had one like that behind her wood stove in the front room with her big feather bed and rocking chair.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog.
    Your boys are very cute!

  6. Amanda, absolutely stunning!!!

    I am drooling on my keyboard. Purely stunning.

    Barb ♥

  7. Love the plates and flowers, and your photography is stunning! I'm your newest follower.

  8. Amanda
    What a fabulous vignette!

    I love when others find beauty in placement and capture the simple and basic. It's always around us but seldom do we capture and share.

    Thanks so much!


  9. Me oh My. How does your garden grow? Love your post. I love your husband's sence of humor. Just like a man, but very funny!

    Thx for sharing


  10. Your husband is funny! I always have to bring out the hand sanitizer after the thrift shop and head straight to the sink when I get home too.

    I love your basket! It looks vintage and yet since it's new I'm sure it's sturdy enough to carry heavy things. I'm so happy you found something you love!

    Your roses are giving me serious flower envy. And that's what was hanging on the ground, sheesh. I bet they smell good! Have a terrific weekend Amanda, even if it does rain AGAIN!

  11. You have a lovely garden with very pretty roses. Nice pink feature.

  12. What an enjoyable post! I have just been sitting and looking and enjoying the vignette you created.....and, the Johnson Bros. china you found is my china.....I pay $129.00 a place setting for it, so you see, chips and all you got quite a bargain!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  13. I am dropping in from Pink Saturday...And I am so happy I did...Your post is lovely and all your beautiful flowers ...Oh I just LOVE it ALL.. : ) A BIG happy Pink Saturday to you...

  14. Gorgeous Treasures you shared! xoox, tracie

  15. Beautiful pictures of beautiful things.. Love every thing you are showing, especially the beautiful flowers.

    My first time here, I think and I am signing up to follow..come see me when you can.
    xo bj

  16. What's that saying...?? "Boys will be boys...???" lolol! What a pretty post, Amanda! Love all the pink and white - and that ironstone is awwwwwesome - especially surrounded with your beautiful roses. I've seen chamber pots placed on/in bathroom cabinets and filled with bars of soap and/or towels. :)

    xoxo laurie

  17. Happy Pink Saturday
    My first visit this Saturday morning and what a lovely post.

  18. This is full of charm! The dish pattern is one of my favorites.

  19. I collect the same Johnson Bros. Rose Chintz. My grandmother's dishes were that pattern and now, whenever I see some, I buy them. Happy Pink Saturday.

  20. Hello Amanda,
    You got me with the roses and then I scrolled down and saw your Rose Chintz dishes! What a delightful post; I'm swooning here! I too collect Rose Chintz; love it! Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday weekend.


  21. Any girl who loves pink roses, Rose Chintz, and little boys {I have three of my own} has got to be a friend of mine. I'm your newest follower. Have a delightful weekend.


  22. What a beutiful post. Such loveliness you are sharing. Karie

  23. So Beautiful and I Love the white ironstone "P" pot I have them all over the house in many different sizes Wonderful treasures Thank you for linking for VTCF
    Hope to see you again next week too

  24. You did a nice job setting up the photo shoot. Your roses are beautiful. I have the same rose pattern dishes. I bought them at the factory when on vacation in England about a million years ago!

  25. Dropping in from Pink Saturday! Love your great finds! The Johnson Brothers plates are perfect!

  26. Oh Amanda, what a gorgeous photo opportunity. Your roses are so beautiful, perfect for your rosey dishes. Thanks so much for sharing all the inspiration at VIF,
    xoxo Debra

  27. Oh Amanda! I wish I had those roses! What beauties! Thanks for linking it up!

  28. I loved this post! You really found some great treasures and your roses are gorgeous!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  29. gorgeous pics...I really love the one of the blue wheelbarrow and roses...just beautiful!

  30. Funny thing. I love white ironstone too. I had no idea when I bought a beautifully scrolled white ironstone pot that to my surprise was a chamberpot. I guess that answered why it had just one handle. It just seems too lovely for its intended purpose. My hubby and kids like to kid that we should bring it in the car so we don't ever have to stop.

  31. Oh Ms. Amanda,
    What a delightful blog you have... Be-A-utiful pictures...Sweetness through and through. I am so excited about becoming a follower. Can't wait to look around some more. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  32. Hi Amanda,
    So so lovely!! We are sharing a love of Ballerina and Bonica roses, I have been cutting mine too:-)
    Thanks for sharing a beautiful day in the garden:-)

  33. Oh my goodness! This is the most gorgeous post I have read all year! Truly, the pics are stunning! I am so in love with those plates you found! I would be over the moon happy! Love it all sweetie! Hope ya'll are staying cool ;)


  35. How BEAUTIFUL!

    What a lovely post and such a beautiful "chore" - you created such a breathtaking garden art and photo project! Thanks for sharing - makes me want to go out and plant some rose bushes!

    Am YOUR Newest FOLLOWER! Visiting from the hop (wish it wasn't the last one!)

    Will be looking at your other beautiful projects!

    Congrats on your marriage and babies, too- I'll be celebrating my 20th in a few weeks - can't believe how fast it all flies by!

    Happy Monday-
    beachside cottage

  36. Oh your bonica roses are gorgeous!! Your story about the chamber pot cracked me up! Yes I have a couple of them and I display them in my bathrooms filled with potporri *winks* The baby ruth thing was to funny!! Gross...but funny!!

    I remember when I was about 10 years old going to one of my Grandmothers friend's house for lunch and she brought out soup in a chamber pot and placed it in the middle of the table with a ladle....My Grandmother got the most stricken look and as a child I had no idea why? She asked her friend if she knew what that was? And her friend responded "no" so my GM edified her. Her friend said she'd used it for years to serve food...And then we all went ahead and had our soup! I don't know how that lady could've possibly not known? I think she was lyin'! *winks* Good thing it wasn't "poop soup" I remember it being really good! Lol! Vanna

  37. Your Bonica and Ballerina roses are just gorgeous! I love pink roses too! Your blog is just lovely and I am your newest follower.

  38. ooh. I may just have to go have a look in the charity shops now. So much lovely, so little time.

  39. This is simply lovely. I love chintz, flowers, nailed it. Thanks for sharing. Wish I could visit the store but Florida is a bit far...Eli

  40. Wow, your styling in your photographs are simply stunning. And I love the Baby Ruth idea - too funny. Thank you for joining Post Of The Month Club! XOLaura

  41. WOW your roses are sooo beautiful... very inspiring, i'm going to my garden now to see where i went wrong!!! xx


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