Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mom Cave!

Our dining room buffet is often used as a surface to display my finished projects before they head off to the shop.
A view from the living room looking in on the dining room which doubles as my sewing room when we're not hosting a family gathering!
The decor enthusiast bloggers are all a-buzz about the "Mom Cave," a special place in the home where mom goes to do what she loves to do!  I was excited to see that a couple of my favorite blogs are hosting Mom Cave link parties with opportunities to win gift cards to HomeGoods!  I do love HomeGoods and have so enjoyed the photos from the creative mom's out there in blog world who have beautiful spaces they call their I thought I'd join in the fun!  I have recently adopted our seldom used formal dining and adjacent living room spaces as my crafting, sewing, reading, tagging and staging areas!  I started by painting and repurposing an old entertainment unit into a craft supply storage unit.  The majority of my supplies tuck nicely away here so that we can still use these rooms for formal gatherings, however I could use another small cabinet to organize my fabrics into, along with a few other pretty boxes and containers to hold notions all of which I am sure I could find at HomeGoods!  Having a space to spread out my treasures, scheme, dream and recharge after a busy day is such a blessing!  I hope that after taking a look at my photos, you will hop on over to The Between Naps on the Porch for Met Monday and be inspired by all of the beautiful Mom Caves featured there!

Pretty pink notions out on display.
Obsolete entertainment unit transformed into a shabby crafting cabinet!
My favorite books...loads of decorating and crafting inspiration here!
Sweet little vintage angel ready to be added to my Christmas display at the shop!
Buttons and jewels...
My sewing machine is stowed away in my crafting cabinet when not in use...but when I am working on a project it sits here at the end of my great grandmother's dining table.
A vintage teapot found at a yard sale holds my pink scissors...
I found this vintage secretary on craigslist and it reminded me of the one my grandma had...she sat at it to write notes and pay bills.  Work is always more enjoyable when you have a pretty place to do it!

One of the requirements for the contest is to post a pic of something found on the HomeGoods site that represents an example of what you would purchase to improve your cave!  I came across these lovely boxes which I think would be fun to use as storage for craft supplies!
Thank you for stopping by!  Best wishes and God Bless!  -Amanda


  1. Love your space! Great way to reuse pieces of furniture you already have. It looks like a creative space. Lezlee

  2. wow this is so beautiful and I love, love all the pink! What a sweet post, thank you for inviting me in!

  3. Love your space in Pink! So pretty and your chandy is wonderful.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  4. So happy you have claimed your space. I adore the vintage secretary that reminded you of your grandparents. When someone finds something like that I like to think the universe is smiling on them.

  5. aha! My dining room is my sewing room too!

  6. Love your space! You have inspired me to use a space or I should say another space in my house that I am not using as my space to do my sewing and crafting. I have a chic room that is all mine someplace to relax after a long day at work my Sun Porch where I read and nap. But seeing your space I now want to transform my front living room into my own crafting room. I love the softness and all the pink! Beautiful space!

  7. I love the pink accents, and especially the pink scissors. I also sew, and love little sewing trinkets to put on my shelves.

  8. Love the space...the chandelier is stunning! Pinks are so perfectly girly, soft, romantic...perfect!


  9. Love all the pink touches and that sweet angel--good luck!

  10. love your pink space; looks great the way it is...very organized, unlike me...

  11. I'm my book, dining tables were made for sewing machines. :)

    Have a great week.

  12. Love your space Girl in Pink ;) So many of us don't have the room for separate Mom Caves and my DH believe that the whole house is my cave But we've learned how to adapt our spaces so that we can use them for many functions and that's real life! With all my kids gone, we've downsized into our little Love Shack and it has forced me to purge all the stuff that we just didn't use and now we live every day enjoying what we love to do. Best of luck in the giveaway, fondly, Roberta

  13. whoa!!! if thats a cave I could love cave living!!

  14. You have a great Mom cave! I can't believe the wonderful books you have!


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