Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Call Me Crazy, Lazy or Just Nostalgic.

I started doing some serious sanding on this cute little table yesterday (feeling super cool with my power tools!)  I planned to give this one my standard treatment...a few coats of cream paint and a little distressing.  Well, a little distressing turned into a lot more than I'd planned when I starting seeing the layers underneath the cream paint!  At one time the table top had been a dark wood with some kind of neat gold tole painting on it. 

On top of that layer was a white paint with some cute green flowery stenciling.  Sooo...I revealed a bit of the previous owner's handy-work in a few different places and decided to deliver it to the shop for my display just like this.  I guess you could call it laziness...the fact that I didn't continue to sand and then repaint the whole table.  But I really was liking the look and the idea of showing off the history of the piece.  Obviously the previous owners of this charming little table were crafters and I think this table, as is would be a great crafting table in the right shabby, vintage style creative studio. 


  1. What a great idea! The table looks beautiful now! I love seeing the history of an vintage or antique piece. I guess that's why I buy pieces with their original chippy old paint on them. :)


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