Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Purse Party at Pink Postcard!

My sweet blog buddy Denise over at Pink Postcard is having a purse party today!  She has asked us to share our favorite purse and the items we carry inside.  What a fun idea!

So, here is my most favorite purse.  The color actually goes very well with almost everything in my closet.  It's a pretty soft rose pink!  I carried it almost daily until just recently.  You see...sadly, it is falling apart.  Clearly not an authentic D&G or I am sure it would truly be made to last.  Nevertheless I have gotten A LOT of use out of it and it still looks and feels like a quality purse (aside from the ripped interior and broken zippers).  I am not ready to toss it out yet as I think it could probably be repaired.  I honestly don't care about brand names and I actually didn't buy this purse for was a sweet gift from mom.  I have been on the lookout for a new, slightly larger purse in this same color.  I would love to be able to carry my bulky camera in my purse (and forgo the ugly camera bag) along with every other little thing I take along with me.

Depending on the day and my schedule, my purse can carry any number of a variety of things.  These are the items I found when I set out to photograph for this post.  Truthfully, it's not always this clean and neat.  I did a bit of "junk" editing for you...mostly receipts and grocery lists.  Sorry Denise...I know you wanted us to let it "all hang out" but I just couldn't do it!  :)  Hey, at least I'm being honest!

Here are a few rose pink purses I have been eyeing and am considering as a replacement.  I would love your opinion here!  Incidentally, I have a $20 off coupon for DSW that expires in a week, a birthday coming up and a hubby who reads my blog!  Wooohooo!  Nice timing on the purse party, Denise!

I'm sorry I can't seem to make these photos larger, but if you're really interested in getting a better view of these bags, I've included links to the DSW pages. 

Thank you so much for your sweet visit today!  I can't wait to visit the other purse party attendees!  Come join join us at Pink Postcard!  Thanks for hosting, Denise!

Best Wishes and Blessings,