Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Inspired by Fabrics

Don't you just love shopping for fabrics?  Aisles of textiles, like rippled rainbows of glorious patterns and prints...loads of inspiration in every direction!  Back when the hubby and I had dual income and no kiddos, I would shop aimlessly, coming home with yards of fabric for which I had no immediate intention of using.  These days I try to avoid the fabric store unless I actually need fabric for a specific project.  Over the past few years I've learned to be practical and frugal when it comes to sewing projects.  For quite some time I haven't bought any new yardage because I have been committed to using the supply I had on hand first.  During the last couple of weeks I rewarded myself for sticking to that commitment by making two trips to the fabric store!  (Yay!)  As it turns out I had a few projects I wanted to complete for the shop that I simply didn't have enough fabric for.  I came home from the store with some very sweet and lovely prints and enough inspiration to get going on my projects!

I love making quilts and coverlets for doll beds because I get to design girly bedding on a small scale.  The idea of making a full sized quilt is overwhelming to me, though I would love to tackle one someday!  I enjoy sewing projects that can be completed in one evening.  I guess I like the almost-instant gratification of it.  And of course I love stepping back into my childhood to a world of make believe, where pretty little dolls slept in frilly, luxurious beds!  This little bed was simply a bare wood frame when I picked it up at the goodwill...I am guessing that most of the people who walked by it didn't even realize what it was.  Of course I spotted it right away and immediately tucked it into my cart!  I gave the frame a couple coats of my favorite cream paint and cut a thick piece of foam to serve as the mattress.  

The frame looked much better after it was painted but it still needed something.  I added this little vintage metal frame that I had painted in that same cream color.  I used a heavy duty epoxy to attach the little frame to the headboard.  The sweet little basket of bunnies image was offered by Miss Rhea two weeks ago in her "Free Clipart Monday" post.  I love this image so much that I will probably be using it for more projects in the near future!  Thank you Miss Rhea!

I am loving the mix of birds and cabbage roses on the fabric I found for this coverlet and I think the white lace added a special touch to the overall look.  Of course I covered the foam mattress and backed the coverlet with a soft flannel.  Must be the little girl in me that worries about dolly being warm and cozy!  I have a good feeling that this bed is going to be purchased for an American Girl doll because it's the perfect size.  How do I know this?  Well, I have a Samantha doll...(Christmas gift when I was 18...long story!)  I thought about taking Samantha's photo with this bed, just for fun, but sadly she doesn't own any pajamas...so she wasn't appropriately dressed for the photo shoot.

I also completed a patchwork quilt for a baby doll cradle!  This cradle was a thrift store find.  It looks to be handmade and before I gave it the creamy paint/distressed treatment, it was dark brown. 

I added a painted metal frame to the headboard just as I'd done to the other doll bed, only this time I decoupaged fabric beneath the frame and sealed it up with a matte finishing spray.

I love the whimsical look of polk-a-dots mixed with florals!

Whenever I take a doll bed into the shop, I notice that when I return to work on my display, the bedding has been completely rearranged.  Once I even found a little bear from another display carefully wrapped up in one of my quilts just dreaming away.  Hmmm....either those darling little girls who frequent my space are enjoying my doll beds, or the dolls and bears at Camas Antiques come to life after hours and make their way back to my booth to curl up with one of my tiny flannel backed quilts!  Maybe it's time to do some investigating...could be a topic for a future post!

Speaking of darling little girls, this is Maggie...isn't she beautiful?   She and her mom are dear friends of ours and she was nice enough to model one of my fabric bow headbands for this post!  She comes to play with the little boys for a couple of hours each week.  I must say, it is fun to have a little girl around the house! 

This little wooden divided basket is a piece I recently painted and distressed.  It makes such a nice headband display that I really hope it doesn't sell right away!  I am in the middle of working on a tutorial for these floppy fabric bow headbands.  I should have it posted sometime in the next week if you're interested!

It's amazing how far you can stretch a couple yards of fabric...  I try very hard not to waste a single scrap!

The beds, headbands, wooden basket and several other items will be making their way to the shop this week!  And I might just make my way back to the fabric store for a little more inspiration, because there really isn't enough of any of those lovely prints left to make another single craft project!

I hope you are having a wonderful week!  Thank you so much for your sweet visit!

Best Wishes and Blessings,

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  1. Yes! I love looking at fabrics...It's a creative field trip for me to meander around a fabric warehouse!
    Your tiny bedding is GORGEOUS! I love the way you added the frames!
    You have a great eye my new friend!
    All Things Heart and Home

  2. This is so funny I found your blog as I was up in your area last September and went to Camas it was one of my favorite stores....I love your little headbands..so cute! Do you seel them wholesale? I have a slaon with a boutique in it and I seel alot of headbands and such I think they would be great...let me know


  3. I love fabric too. I just got done sewing a dustruffle for my bed, and it was quite a task. I just love your doll quilts! So very sweet!

  4. Dear Amanda ~ I am simply amazed at your talent! You have such a creative gift and have great instincts on how to repurpose a piece of furniture or a yard of fabric! BRAVO!

  5. Amanda, thanks for your comment on my blog and entering the giveaway!!! Good luck!

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  7. This doll house bed is amazing! The little bunny detail on the headboard is so precious! And the bedding, perfection! I now know who to call when I'm in need of doll house bedding (smiles). Thank you for the sweet comment! I'm your newest follower! Love your blog layout, it has such a romantic feel! Look forward to your posts!


  8. Those r adorable.....I m a lover of ANYTHING doll or baby!!!! I want that adorable bed to sleep n. and ur bows are just as sweet.

  9. Oh your creations are gorgeous! Love your fabric choices. Great share today!!! I am visiting from Transformation and Treasures!

  10. What great projects! I so envy you your ability to sew. Love the tale of the bedding and bears/dolls being shifted! I am sure it's a little one that does it but the the idea of them coming to life at night it more fun!
    I did read the Graphic Fairies tutorial on citra-solv but haven't used it. From now on when I buy the transfer sheets I'm going to use Michael's 40% off coupons they have every week. That will make them significantly cheaper. It will help if I don;t keep messing them up too!

  11. Amanda,
    Your baby doll bedding is just darling! I love how you used the tiny frames to decorate the headboard what a cute idea! Oh and those headbands would be soooo cute on my little girl! Anyhoo, thank you for all of the lovely comments and I am so excited you get the little fabric store splurge, being frugal is tricky and deserves an award.
    Squishy Hugs,

  12. what a sweet post!! I used to do the excessive yardage shopping too- it didn't help that when we were first married I worked at Fabric Depot! :) Have you been there before?
    I love that people enjoy the doll beds so much- wouldn't you just love to be a fly on the wall? Or maybe it IS Toy Story come to life?? thanks for linking up!

  13. I love your frame accents on the headboards! They add so much.
    Have a great day!
    ~ Julie

  14. Love these doll beds and their bedding! I also adore the headbands. Do you think you will ever make banners for the shop? Your Valentine's day and Easter ones are sooo sweet!

  15. I love the cradles you did using the small frames at the headboard. So charming!!! I am redoing a doll cradle that has already been painted in a water based latex. The upper edges are a little rough and need sanding. I plan to use a white or creamy white for paint. I want to achieve a nice smooth finish when the painting is complete. Unfortunately, I don't exactly know how to do that. Most of the tutorials I have looked at are more about trimming and decorating the cradle vs. the basics of just getting it painted. If you could tell me what type of paint you used, and also would I sand between coats of paint. I do a lot of crafting but know little about painting . I really enjoy having my projects look quality done when finished. I have several of those tiny frames on hand and this would be a beautiful.way to use them. Any direction you could give me I would be most appreciative. I love your blog. Thanks so much.


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